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  1. New policy in place now, CEO's contact helped. How do I work out the cost of compensation? Can I get my personal details or iD removed from the ELVIS recovery database. Can anyone help.
  2. When contacted the CEO's office, a policy was in place within 15 minutes.
  3. Thank you unclebulgaria67, I will keep you updated with the developments from these.
  4. No I agree, they are not helping me much. He wrote, Swinton takes full responsibility for the situation I find myself in and will re-imburse the cost of getting my car out of the impound, plus the monetary difference with the insurers who will be insuring the car. I contacted head office and was given the number for the Distribution Director, who I was told was at lunch and not available until Monday.
  5. Thank you silverfox1961 and unclebulgaria67. Swinton is underwritten by Zenith and I cannot get through to the underwriters, no contact details. Called Swinton but the Distribution Director is at lunch and not available until next week.
  6. Thank you silverfox1961 Do you have a template of a letter before action?
  7. I was quoted over £400 for a 30 day policy, this is unaffordable. Swinton are responsible for this mess.
  8. The manager wrote there is no reason for the policy lapsing and made an accusation that I lived somewhere else at the time of the complaint.
  9. The letter says it's his final response and refers me to the Financial Ombudsman. I have no insurance and only days to get my car may be scrapped. Could I take it to ICOBS now?
  10. I have a letter from Swinton accepting full responsibility. Now to find another insurer to get me car out of the police impound.
  11. Contacted customer assistance. Initially advised that my policy could not be reinstated if cancelled. I warned them that I would be suing and taking it to ICOBS. I asked to speak to someone who could make a decision to reinstate my insurance. She told me she could make the decision and a cancelled policy cannot be reinstated. I insisted on speaking to someone higher and was told it was with a technical manager and he would call me back, but she could not confirm it would be today. I informed her I needed a decision today or I would be looking to sue Swinto
  12. Thank you all for your support and advice. A little shaken right now. I will keep you informed of developments.
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