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  1. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for your help and support. Santander and capquest both apologized and the account is now closed. Really appreciate all the help and advice from you all Best wishes H
  2. Hi, received a response from santander who are investigating. Apparently arrows ceo is Lee Rochford. Can't seem to find contact details so will email capquest and probably send a letter to arrow. Thanks for your help everyone H
  3. Email to Helen Ashton sent back as address not found. After looking around I'm wondering if the CEO of arrow global would be the one to write to as they own capquest??. Will look into it a bit more and send tomorrow H
  4. Thanks for all your help and support, have complained to the FCA and emailed ceo of Santander and capquest Will keep you updated Best wishes H
  5. Just a quick question, Do you think a written letter is best or would an email be ok? Thanks, H
  6. Capquest sent the letter to my husband saying they are waiting to hear from santander. It was capquest I sent the death certificate to as they were dealing with it. H
  7. Thank you, I just can't believe they they had his death certificate and still wrote to him. Will get my letter done over the weekend and send recorded delivery on Monday H
  8. Thanks for the replies. It was in his name only and he was paying a token amount each month. My original letter told them there was basically no money/estate left by him. I will send a formal complaint to the head office with a copy of the original letter. If nothing else at least I will feel as though I'm doing something. Thanks again H
  9. Hi, I just wanted some advice please. My husband passed away 2 months ago. He had an old santander card which was taken over by capquest. I wrote and told them what had happened and sent a copy of the death certificate. I received a letter from capquest today addressed to my dead husband saying they are sorry for the delay and are waiting for santander to get back to them and they will contact him soon. I am so angry and upset I just want to know who I can complain to. I am going to write to capquest and send the original letter to santander and I also though the fca? Just wanted t
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