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  1. Hi so update on this charge. Ive ignored everything ive had, they even sent me the 2 reduced payments of £120 instead of 160, well today I have received another letter with a Gladstones solicitors badge and talks of civil courts. Although it still refers to payment being debt recovery plus and this is who I should contact, is this another scare mongering letter? At the bottom of the letter it also says please do make proposals to Gladstones solicitors as they may not be considered . It is signed from them and has all the address contact etc for Gladstone solicitors.
  2. Ah okay thsn i shall do that.. im sure theyll get back un touch with me.. theyve had like 3 ir 4 payments now so i believe that covers the original cost anyway!
  3. Sorry havent responded for so long, in regards to the other direct debit the debt company have done it so it doesnt appear on my account as a direct devit but a one off payment so each time they tKe out the £25 they charge £1.50 too so im paying £26.50 to them so annoyed!
  4. I got a letter from debt recovery plus in regards that I need to pay £160 to the company for this charge, can I email over the photos I have of the car park etc as it doesnt allow me to upload? Do I continue to ignore these debt collection or whatever they are letters? Also I dont know if its something of help but if you were to type it in google 'Regent court welwyn garden city' it gives you the street view maps so you're able to view the entire car park
  5. I could understand if my car was parked there for an entire day I could justify where they come from. But I was sat in my car and hadnt left and the time scale was so short that they're claiming for and £100 is just ridiculous for 15 seconds of car park time. I will be sure to get a picture of the signs and car park etc and post on here.
  6. Its not letting me upload, is there an email address i could possibly send them to? Otherwise I shall have to wait until I can access a laptop or computer and upload the pictures on to it
  7. Okay then i may have to get onto a laptop or computer to do that as on my phone it doesnt give me full options so I shall get all the photos needed and post asap!
  8. How do I upload the image on to here etc? The exact wording for the NTK is "Park direct uk ltd has obtained your details from the dvla as the registered keeper of this vehicle through the reasonable cause request of pursuing an outstanding parking charge. We believe that the parking charge is payable with respect to the above vehicle for the following alleged contravention: stopping or waiting where stopping or waiting restrictions are in force at a location that had the terms of parking clearly displayed on the warning signs". In regards to the cameras i did go there the other day to check and work out what cameras may have captured my car however they just didnt match to where the pictures look to be taken. One is a close up of the back of my car from the side the other is from a second car park within the cul de sac where only a bush has place. I cant remember the exact date received but it was within the 28 day time scale I think it was around the 20th and yes will get pictures for you
  9. For tickets received through the post [ANPR camera capture] (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 10/02/2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 15/02/2017 3 Date received 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? No Have you had a response? No 7 Who is the parking company? Parking Direct Uk 8. Where exactly Regent Court, Welwyn Garden City For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IAS
  10. Thankyou so much just reading this alone had helped me as I have been stressing over them and worrying thinking id end up with people coming after me for not paying them! Ill be sure to cancel the dd to debt collection and will post a thread on my other ticket i received.
  11. Oh well now im annoyed! The other one was a different car park under a different name wasnt the same one and seemed a more legit company. I only paid as it went to debt collection and i had 2 final warnings for payment and threats of court or proceedings to make payments. I set up a direct debit so i could cancel it i guess! I just leave them and dont respond or reply? What happens if I get a court summons? The one im paying is with UK parking control LTD and they passed it on to debt recovery plus ltd that happened in an Aldi carpark and i parked in a resident bay without displaying a resident ticket but I displayed the car park ticket as i was unaware i was in a resident bay but went on the car park rules that i was aware of (had used this car park with other people before and never knew of numbered bays as they always parked anywhere) was my first time using it in my car.
  12. I received a parking charge notice from PDUK on the 15th February. The issue date is for the 10th February at 15:38. The location is for Regent Court Welwyn Garden City. Now the charge they are wanting is for £100 I have 2 pictures taken however I cant say that CCTV took it because the location of the photos to the actual cameras in the car park dont match up. on the photos one is timed at 15:30:33 and the second at 15:30:48 this is a 15 second time frame but then they are claiming the contravention time to be 15:38 8 minutes later then the actual pictures photographed. The grounds they are charging me on is "stopping or waiting where stopping or waiting restrictions are in force at a location that had the terms of parking clearly displayed on the warning signs" now I was sat in my car this entire time a friend ran out to grab my daughter from the school and I pulled up in the space due to having a baby in the back screaming I was sorting him out after this I then turned around and left the car park. I today received another letter saying that "the requirements of schedule 4 of the protection of freedoms act required for registered keeper liability have now been satisfied and as a result we now have the right to recover any unpaid pcn" it also goes on to say that if i do not pay within 14 days court proceedings could be issued etc. Id also like to add that nowhere on the original letter was the Schedule 4 of protection of freedoms act written or seen! Do I pay this fine for such a short time scale they are claiming for I cant see how it can be justified. I dont particularly want to have to go to court or for it to be sent to a debt collection where theyll take £150 as im currently paying another one off which I have to take responsibility for seeing as I parked in a numbered bay without realising and even though I got a car park ticket that I displayed on my dash in my car and was within the time scale for that parking ticket the inspector was just a div in the nicest of terms with nothing else to do on a Sunday morning and made me aware of this numbered bay after he'd already issued the ticket 2 minutes after i'd left my car so the fact he watched me rather then telling me winds me up but anyway thats another story! Thanks in advance!
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