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  1. Filed that debt was statue barred online on the 23rd march using standard letter Thank you No I didn't should I
  2. Hi I've heard nothing after submitting my defence to the county court - they said they have left it in the hands of erudio to sort out directly with me - heard nothing , erudio have done 2 credit searches on me (they show up on clear score ) one straight after after I put in defence and another one a few days ago ? Any suggestions to why and what is going on ? Will I hear anything to say my account is statue barred ? And why the credit checks ?? Thanks in advance
  3. All done online today - I defended on the grounds that the debt is statues barred ! Keep you're fingers crossed everybody
  4. Ok - I'm not registered My ccj issue date is 08 march ( eek) if I want to respond to claim that it's statue barred , do I send Can I do it online ? Do I do send acknowledgement of service online first ? Then what should I do next thanks all help appreciated
  5. Hi I received a CCJ claim form that I believe is staur barred I'm dyslexic and need a bit more verbal advice / I need to deal with this claim today as time running out I've tried to follow threads but I can't understand them And this site looks strange on my phone any chance I could speak to a person to get some advice - I'm so worried and need to send back my claim form today x
  6. I need to speak to someone in person as I am severely dyslexic and written information gets all jumbled and I can't decipher it , can't see what relevant and what's not So easier to chat x
  7. Hi I have the same issue - student loan CCJ was issued to me on 9 March say I owe £500 the last time I deferred or paid was defo more than 6 years ago as my daughter is 6 and I have paid nothing In her lifetime ! Would someone be up for having a chat with me as I don't know how to respond to the claim form ?? I don't even know what I owe anymore in total or who holds the loans so confusing ! My loans are pre 98 and I graduated in 1999 It's as above Drydens and erudio
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