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  1. They are quoting this legislation http://www.dwrcymru.com/en/My-Account/Landlords.aspx But I checked on Welsh gov site and they say that post is also an acceptable method of complying and providing the info to Welsh water I will start recording calls - I've been so taken by surprise by all of this it threw me a bit but I'm starting to feel a bit steadier, not to mention angrier!! Thanks for your help
  2. I'm a landlord of 1 property. I lived there myself until 2012. When I moved out I gave my forwarding address and duly paid off the last of my bill. Between 2012-2014 tenant A lived at the address, she was registered as living there - from memory I gave these details direct to WW. When she left I wrote to WW giving details of new tenants and included contact details for tenant B for the bill to be set up. Jan 2015 Tenant B was a nightmare and has finally left March 2017. I do not have a forwarding address for them. I rang WW to advise of tenant B leaving and to give tenant C de
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