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  1. Hey all Just came back to say they gave the debt account back to David Lloyd and I messaged the same last message regarding reporting them to the FCA if they do not break down the virgin debt either I haven't had a reply in weeks so I take it they backed off from that side too. Thanks to everyone for the help, You do not understand how appreciative I am All the best Regards
  2. I've been in back and forths with them for a few weeks now though from what slick has been telling me?
  3. Hi all, the update is they are now proceeding to charge her not only for her Virgin Active Membership but also David Lloyds as she had a membership with them too which she also cancelled via DD and not the appropriate way. They are requesting £452 for Virgin Active & £117 for David Lloyds. Even I'm in a state of panic at the moment as I am unsure what to do at this point for her as they are continously threatening for court proceedings. They once again didnt really answer the question of how the Virgin Active balance was made up only how the David Lloyd ba
  4. Hey all, Me again. So my sister rang them and gave me authorization to continue to handle the case for her. I stated who I was once again and referred them to the original email I had sent demanding how the amounts they were requesting was made up and if I did not receive clarification that I would then make formal complaints. I will let you know what their reply is. Hope you are all well nonetheless. Regards
  5. Alright, Thanks a lot Slick The help is much appreciated
  6. Hi, Sthey replied saying that the proof I provided was in the name of Lois xxx and they can't discuss it with anyone else unless she has given authorization. I am her brother and I'm handling this for her just on her CAG account and sorting this out via email for her as well with ARC. I replied telling them this and asking how she can authorize me to continue to handle the matter. To me it sounds like they are looking for any excuse to prolong this so we can just pay them and be done with it as they have never asked for authorization thus far whilst discussing all of t
  7. Ok thats done Thanks again What do you think they're up to?
  8. Morning, Well I've linked all the letters and from the very first which stated £318 had a different reference number to these recent ones demanding £114 but they was the ones who changed this themselves in addition to the amount they was asking for whilst they was replying to my initial letter regarding the £318... So to me it seems as if they messed up by demanding this amount and are trying to weasel out of it... And yes the proof I sent them was the initial letter from ARC Europe themselves demanding £318 that I linked at the start of the thread Kind Regards
  9. Hi all, So they replied and I am completely baffled at what my position is right now or what to do as what they are saying makes 0 sense to me. I will attach the letter as well but they are basically saying their first letter was in relation to David Lloyds Membership whereas this is in relation to Virgin Active... I was under the impression it was within the same bracket... Let me know what you guys think http://imgur.com/a/cjh7D Kind Regards
  10. Hello, So they replied stating that they have never held an account for me for a balance of £318 and proceeded to say I have 14 days to provide evidence so they can investigate. I have attached the initial letter I linked at the start of this thread and sent it to them. So we'll see what they say. I am pretty baffled at the way they are handling this, They are either playing dumb or are not on top of things at all... Regards
  11. Ok, Just sent that off. How is the £318 relevant anymore as they have already reduced it and have admitted to adding on admin fees. Can I not get this scratched off entirely now? Kind Regards
  12. Hi all, Here's there second reply. Once again they ignored the question regarding the first £318 amount they was requesting but did clarify how the £114 is made up to some point at least. I will link the letter below. http://imgur.com/a/46PJ0 What should my next steps be as they clearly admit to adding extra money on for administrative fee's. Kind Regards
  13. Will do that right now Thank you once again Kind Regards
  14. Hey there, It was £134 a month, I'm pretty baffled as well. Kind Regards
  15. Hi all, So they replied and I'll link the email they sent back to me. They somehow ignored my question entirely regarding how the amount they was asking for before (£318) was made up, But now the email states the balance I owe is only £114 haha. Let me know what you think, Any way at this point I can get out of the whole amount as even a hit of £114 is substantial to myself... Email - http://imgur.com/a/aFHF2 Kind Regards
  16. No reply still from last Wednesday when I sent it... Will keep you all updated Thanks again
  17. Ok, I'll email them today and get back to you with what they say. I'm pretty sure you're right they have added January + February charges for the membership then sent the letter and added another £50 for fee's. Kind Regards
  18. So I need to write/email my gym now asking how they came to the balance of £318 that I owe? Maybe you have an email I could send this letter to so you can see what you think of it? Here is a link of the letter itself. http://imgur.com/a/nCCjg Let me know what you think, Still contact my gym? Kind Regards
  19. Heya, Apologies about that. After reading over the letter it mentions that the amount due only represents what is currently owed (£318) and they mention how on the 1st of every month this amount will increase by whatever my monthly subscription with the gym was (£134) until the end of the contract. At the top of the letter it states "Total Liability till End of Contract: £1256. They also say that if the balance is not paid this case may be passed to solicitors and proceed to court hearings etc. Thanks again Lolo Regards
  20. Hey there, Really do apologise for the late reply as I have been tied down with work etc and was collecting the info to the best of my knowledge. 1)26th November 2)1st December 3)£134 a month 4)28th December or roundabout through the mobile banking app 5)1st December 6)No change in income, Only health issues preventing me from going to the gym. Thanks again for your time and help, Much appreciated Regards Lolo
  21. Fyi they are not demanded any admin fee's the letter states merely what I owed for the months that have passed apparently. I was wrong as well the amount is £318 and they mention total liability till end of contract at around £1230. Regards
  22. That would be greatly appreciated as I am completely inexperienced in this department and I know I have messed up... Thank you all once again for the info and advice, It is really appreciated. Kind Regards
  23. Oh right Ok, thanks for the prompt replies, Greatly appreciated where can I find this slick 132 letter? So do not communicate via email at all, Saw a previous post where a ladies virgin active case similar to mine was resolved quite easily via email. Regards
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