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  1. Hi, Thanks for that, so ok I will send the letter with total charges plus interest on that amount (giving them 14 days to respond), but now I'm confused even more - what other interest is there? Also, not sure what the 'moneyclaim' stage is if it isn't this one. Sorry for being thick but I'm taking each stage as it comes and haven't looked ahead too much. I only sent the initial letter to Barclays because I heard a discussion about it on LBC and I got a copy of the letter from them. I sent it off thinking I would never get anything from them and then they offered me £600 as a gesture of goodwill. Then I heard about this site and that people were taking it further so I took a gamble and here I am. It's all gone according to plan so far so I don't want to do anything wrong. mossio
  2. I have received all of my statements for the past six years, have totalled them up but am confused about what letter to send next. Do i just calculate my charges at 8% as per the Interest Calculation Spreadsheet on this site then send a letter for that amount? On that thread there is a paragraph that is confusing the hell out of me, it states: "You are advised to send a breakdown of your claim to your bank with your request for a refund of charges. You are strongly advised to attach a schedule to your claim with the courts. If you send the bank a letter before you have given them time to pay up demanding 8% APR they will know that you do not know what you are doing and this will more than likely end up with you NOT getting your money back." What does it mean about 'your claim with the courts'? and what about the second paragraph. It seems to be saying don't ask for your 8% charges. On the LBA letter it says you have to list your charges plus interest. Any advise please? I don't want to blow this now - I've worked it out to be nearly £2000 they owe me! Thanks mossio
  3. Hi, I received my statements through the post yesterday (6 years worth), no pages seem to be missing, i've totalled my charges up and not sure how to add interest to the final figure. Could Somebody HELP me as to what to do. Thankyou
  4. Hi, I sent the standard letter with £10 cheque (which they returned).
  5. Hi, I requested my last 6 years worth of statements from Barclays and they sent through 4 years, with lots of pages missing and not even for the account I requested. They sent me statements for my second account which I haven't used for a couple of years but even that had £650 worth of charges which I was unaware of so they have shot themselves in the foot as I will be requesting this money back too. I have now requested the correct account statements to be sent to me and the missing pages from from my second account. I have been told that they will be sent within the next 5 days. If anyone is at the same stage, or has received their statements please let us know how you are getting on.
  6. Mossio


    HI, Im in exactly the same situation as you, they have offered me £600 as gesture of good will(my a**e) out of a possible £1225. Im going to stick with it and wait for these greedy predators to compensate me in full. The Best Of Luck
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