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  1. I received a letter back. Obviously they have denied the appeal and my assertions of criminal wrongdoing and are worming around. Is it worth chasing them with demand letters? reply.pdf
  2. You think that the NTK doesn't say who the creditor is so it could well be the Management Company or the PCM rather than the freeholder?
  3. Here, finally, are the images of the car park and signs. Hopefully they make sense. way in.pdf from street.pdf in car park.pdf standing sign.pdf
  4. Thanks for the help on that one. Here is another go: ntk_master.pdf
  5. I received the NTK, should I be posting that up here? It might put you on until the pictures of the signs!
  6. You'll have to wait until the weekend unfortunately. Sorry to keep the excitement up until then...
  7. You're really good at this! There is even a large free standing sign that has been put up in the car park.
  8. I forgot to say - they have been very liberal with the signage. There are signs on all the walls, on the way in to the car park and also on the sides of people's flats which I myself wouldn't be very happy about...
  9. Do you mean gives away the rights of the leaseholders? I would imagine the freeholders in far, far away in a tax haven company structure and has no idea they even own the building. (I do think you probably know what you are talking about, and I am very grateful for the advice, I don't want to come across as rude)
  10. The management company is Gateway, they weren't the original managers and took over a while ago. They were appointed by the freeholder of the block of flats.
  11. Still no NTK. I haven't contacted them at all, should I be writing to them? I can't post the image of my ticket yet I haven't posted enough!
  12. Still no NTK yet. I finally went through the lease - this is the only reference to anything that could be the car park: "The common parts: Means all (...) access yards, roads footpaths storage areas and other areas and things (if any) included in the Estate provided by the Lessor fr the common use of Residents and their visitors and not subject to any lease or tenancy of any of the flats on the Estate." Very vague and no one has an assigned space...
  13. Thanks. I'll check out the Parking Prankster. Never heard of him before.
  14. Hi there - thanks for your reply. The lease is over 10 years old from a time before the car park had any management / permits so it's very unlikely there was any restriction on parking rights. I'm working away at the moment but I will check with it and the other residents when I get back
  15. Hello. I really appreciate that this forum exists and I hope someone can give me some advice on how to proceed in this situation. I recently received a CPM Parking ticket for the car park of the flat where I am a leaseholder. I was away at the time and the building management company had told me (in writing) that they would inform me (and all lease holders) when a new parking management company took over the car park. Needless to say they didn't. They are also saying that the parking company did a mail drop explaining the new system. Apparently they did but I didn't see it, I have seen another copy and it was addressed to the occupier not the leaseholder. I called the parking company and they said they had a video of someone putting something through the door which they would email to me. This still hasn't happened but I imagine it just proves they put something through the door? My building management company say they will not get involved in any disputes with the parking company - I imagine this is part of the contract they have with them as in the copy of the circular that was put around the block and it says that the landowners will not get involved in any tickets. If that even legal? My lease also says nothing about parking permits. As far as I can see there must be some kind of deal where the parking company get anything they can take and the management company will now not get involved. Please can I have some advice about what to do next? Has anyone been in a similar situation please?
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