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  1. With regards to the parking charge that is being appealed , the NTK that was issued on the 1st march 2017 given the keeper was not driving the car , 14 days to pay the Said fine , the driver entered the carpark at 8.07am , and as the building was not open had to wait around until it was open and other colleagues arrived , under the knowledge that this person was told they could park around the back of the building free of charge due to the nature of the drivers job , on entering the building they where advised it was maybe best to get a ticket as well , t
  2. I wonder if I could email them what you have said I haven't paid any one anything yet , it's actually due on Tuesday x
  3. Thank you , what do you think of it ? X Hi the notice has been uploaded can I ask what your opinion is please if what's best to do next .
  4. Hi , it's about a 20 minute drive away when roads are quite , I will try to google earth it but don't hold your breath lol the address of this place is Westgate College West Road Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 9LU Ps just looked on google and I no that this is a new thing that that had been done back end of last year so nothing on google earth . Thanks x
  5. Notice to Keeper ? Just realised haha title of letter is " parking charge notice to keeper " x
  6. Hi , it's a parking charge notice to keeper , it was on the 21st Feb at 11.48 , it was issued on the 1st march given me 14 days to pay a reduced fee , I did not receive the letter in the post until the 3rd of march , I have not replied yet nor have I paid anything, no mention of freedom of act that I can see , and yes it has photographs of me entering the car park and leaving the car park , parking company is north county Lesuire, and car park is on the grounds of west gate college west end on Newcastle upon Tyne and there appeals body is operate
  7. Hi this was a car park in the west end of Newcastle north county Lesuire that they are authorised to manage , .
  8. Hi , I also got a parking charge , I entered the car park at 8.07 in the morning, while waiting for the building to open as I was on a training course, other colleagues arrived at about 9am we went in and registered to be told we needed a ticket , the first 3 hours where free , off I went , put my reg in the machine , it gave me a ticket for 3 hours , i did not think nor did it occur to me that I should of added the time I sat there in the car before I realised I needed a ticket , as far as I was concerned I left in enough time , a letter through th
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