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  1. @Bailiff Advice and @brassnecked, thank you for the reply. @Bailiff Advice, it's a shame that I was not aware of that else I would have paid online. @brassnecked, Yes I have recorded the phone calls. Recorded the fellowing: 1) Stating that he has not received the case yet and will call me back.(audio file) 2) I've been assigned the call but busy to talk. He stated he will call back. (audio file) 3) A Text asking him to call me when he is ready to talk. (text message) 4) Implying that he did not receive any calls from me (this is post visiting my house). (audio) I made all of these contacts. He never contacted me.
  2. @ploddertom, many Thanks for your prompt response. I will do what you have asked me and will update you on the progress. But that should not stop him from resolving the issue over the phone. I got in touch with him even before he was assigned the case to him. I made many calls to resolve the issue. Clearly, his intention was to visit me in person. Is this a right thing to do?
  3. Please bare with me as this is a long transcript. I owe my council £378.29, but I couldn't make any payment as I recently lost my job. My local council referred the case to the Equita who sent me a "Notice of enforcement" stating that I need to pay 453.29 (Incl. compliance stage fee £75) before 20/02/2017 or contact them to arrange a payment plan else the case will be passed onto bailiffs. I called them on 16/02/2017 and told them that I could pay the money by the end of this month as I recently got a job and so will be paid at the end of this month. I thought we had an agreement as the agent gave me her direct phone number. When I called the agent on 27/02/2017 to make the payment as agreed, she said the case had been passed to a bailiff agent as I'm too late. She put me through to the bailiff agent without letting me explain to her. The bailiff agent stated that he had not received the case yet so asked me to call him in the evening and gave me his number. I called him in the evening, and he stated that he still has not received the case but told me that he would call me tomorrow. I did not get any call from him on 28/02/2017. I called him on 01/03/2017, and he said the case has been assigned to him but busy to talk so he would call me back later, but I did not get any call. I sent him a text on 02/03/2017 asking him to call me when he is ready to talk but no response. On Monday 06/03/2017 he appeared at my house and demanded me to pay. I told him that I called him many times to resolve this issue over the phone to prevent paying the additional "Enforcement stage" fee of £235, but he did not let me speak and demanded the payment else he will take away the goods. I had no other choice but to pay £688.29. I called him today 08/03/2017 to understand why he did not call me back when I was offering to pay the money. He was implying that he did not receive any call from me, but the case is resolved. I also asked why he did not notify me by a call or a letter that he will be visiting my house but did not give me a straight answer. I had recorded all the calls I made to him including when he said that he had not received the case yet and will call me back to implying that he did not receive my calls. Can I make a formal complaint and request a refund of the fees added by the Equita? Please advice.
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