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  1. Hey guys Apologies if I am in the wrong section, but I am new here! I recently had an accident with another driver where our cars collided. The third party was 100% in the wrong in regards to the accident however she is not claiming liability considering that it was her fault. I'm not here to get advice on the accident details, I am here to ask a question about court statements. When in contact with the solicitors dealing with my case for me, i've obviously given them my statement of what happened and I know i've been completely honest with this because not only is this my first ever court appearance, it's my first time dealing with something like this so I wanted to ensure 100% truthfulness. I've been sent her statement in regards to what happened that night, reading through it she has completely lied about what was said in the conversation between us after the accident. Before I go into what was said, I just want to say that this third party (defendant) is of Polish decent and spoke broken English... When I got out of the car, I said to her that she was in the wrong lane and cut into me causing the accident, to which she replied "I was in the right lane, you were in the wrong lane" to which I replied "Ok thats fine, if you want to argue this i'll call a police officer myself and get them to see who was in the wrong lane" and that was that... In her statement, she has wrote - 'he got out of his car, I told him he was in the wrong and he said "I am a police officer I know what lane I should've been in' My question to you guys is what exactly happens at this point there has clearly been a mis-communication due to a language barrier? I am slightly concerned as the last thing I want to get branded with is impersonation of a police officer when it did not happen at all. I hope this is enough information in regards to the question I would like answered Many thanks Sam
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