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  1. hi joty, Wouldn't hurt to stick his name on it and then send it to head office @ Halifax P.L.C., Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 2RG. Would also use the reference no. on any future communication. my initial letters went all over the place, they did get there though, one other thing dont forget to get proof of postage. cheers, beano
  2. Hi Pixi, Dont know to much about the online claim as i delivered mine to the court in person, had a quick look at the online claim site and did notice that you have to sign in, was wondering if you can possibly sign on to it and put it (N1) on hold or cancel it for now. good luck:-)
  3. Hi Suzanne, Letter has arrived, hopefully you should hear some good news very shortly, will check in to see how you get on. GOOD LUCK:-)
  4. Just received the letter confirming that they have settled, I have WON!!! Need to say a big THANKYOU for the help received from all concerned, and especially to Shaz. Will be keeping an eye on the forum and try to help others were i can, would be a shame to waste all the knowledge I've gained. I will soon be helping some freinds out who will be joining the forum, i think they were waiting to see how i faired. good luck to all who are fighting this, as I've said earlier in this thread, it seems like a mountain to climb, however the veiw from the top is well worth it.
  5. hi cotcher, could save yourself a visit to the bank by sending the data protection act letter to the data controller @ trinity road instead, dont know if youv'e had a look through the template letters library yet. thats how most people start though. Could then have a stroll somewhere nice. my 1st letter 28th june, seems they may have settled today.
  6. Hi Suzanne, Still no letter from the halifax but have been to online banking today to check the balance in my account and it seems they have payed up. 2 payments in one for the charges and one for the interest. You were slightly ahead of me so I recon they will be coughing up for you soon, if they haven't already. Good luck:-)
  7. Hi all, Still no letter, however, just checked my account online :o and it seems they have paid up! :grin: Cant wait to read the letter when it arrives. be interested to see what they have to say:-) Will confirm victory when I get confirmation, but its looking good. cheers for now
  8. Hi Suzanne, Almost on the same timescale as you, acknowledgement of service on 26 october. Found this bit of info today just in case http://www.lawworks.org.uk/index.php?id=334 , havn't checked if there is something similar on the C.A.G. but thought it might be useful, sort of gives you an idea of what to expect next if they dont settle now.
  9. No problem with going to court, have started reading already in preperation as up until now been a little behind on the whole process. Have realised :o that they will one day try to make an example of someone, so best be prepared.
  10. hi 99, the first thing is the £30 charge is still a penalty charge, they cannot penalise you this way, they are only allowed to charge you what it actually cost them. second, when i started on this, i had also phoned the halifax to ask for my charges to be refunded and they refused, this was not the answer i wanted and decided that there must be a way to deal with this problem, that was when I stumbled across this site and then started from the top. You will need to read and follow the advice on this site, start at the beggining with a letter to the data controller (in the templates section), at least then you will have the correct information with regard to what charges have gone out of your account in the last six years. Then go for it, you may have to reword some of the letters with reference to the offer they gave you, all that said though they have still illegally deducted money from your account. have a read of this thread first just so you know whats required of you http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/halifax-bank/announcement-center-bankfodder-very-sick.html it does take some time a lot of head scratching and bear in mind that this will cost them a small fortune in the long run, therefore they wont make it easy for you!
  11. Claim no. 6TR02297 Received a letter from the court today. The defendant has filed an acknowledgement of service on 26th October. The defendant has indicated their intention to defend all of the claim. Hopefully just scare tactics if not, bring it on!
  12. hi all, just a quick update. Date is set, claim issued 18th October and was deemed to be served on 25th, they have until 8th November to reply.
  13. hi all, have had a few delays over the last few days but finally got it together and delivered the court bundle to county court this morning. Have to wait now, hopefully in the mean time a few more beads of sweat will starting to trickle down their brow. For anyone who is starting out along this path. Although at first it seems like there is a mountain to climb to get to this stage, it does get easier, as bankfodder says read as much as your mind will take, although confusion will prevail for a couple of weeks it does all seem to fall in to place (that said i haven't won yet), thanks to the moderators (shaz in particular) and others that post to the forum, help is always at hand and dont be afraid to ask anything. today i feel that the top of the hill aint so far away
  14. hi bluecloud, delivered my papers to the court this morning. had almost exactly the same letter from halifax drop through the door the other day. should be an interesting few days! cheers for now beano
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