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  1. Thanks - none of those seem to apply to me reclaiming charges for a secured loan (The 4th one gives a nice view but no compound interest and the 3rd one is asking about payments etc) ) - also, do I reclaim everything, or everything above what is deemed reasonable i.e £12 for a letter (so for a £30 charge, just ask for £18 of that back?) I am so sorry for all the questions
  2. Thanks will certainly give it a go! Are there any template letters you are aware of with calculators for interest or anything - it's a little head battering
  3. Hi all, Thank you so much for your replies, and deepest apologies for the delay in responding, I had a bereavement. So, with regard to Together, I called those and asked what the offer of a refund was for, I was advised that this was due to a computer error, and nothing to do with the amount of the charges, so whilst on the phone, I asked for a breakdown of all the charges that had been applied on my account. It turns out that for the year the repossession was going through i had been charged £2346, for Letters (£35.25), telephone calls(£30.00), administration fees(£150.00) and settlement quotes (55.00). The account was closed on 3rd June 09 - do you think it is worth asking for these back given the timescale? As for Kensington, I have not yet been in touch with them, but will write to them today Once again, thank you for your replies, and apologies for taking so long to come back to you
  4. No, I have practically nothing I have only realised as this morning I had a letter from Blenaim finance offering me a refund on miss-applied charges, and judging by the interest they are offering this will be a loan from around the same time. Whilst looking for further information, I noted that Kensington has been fined in 2010 for their unfair charges and so this got me thinking ;-)
  5. Hi, I was repossessed by Kensington Mortgages in 2008, and the fee's and charges before and during this time were awful. Would it be too late for me to now try and reclaim these fee's as I now have very limited paperwork left? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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