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  1. Hi I received the attached claim today for which I know nothing about. I have done the Acknowledgment of Service part online. Can anyone draft me the CPR 31.14 please as I'm a bit confused by it and don't want to use the wrong wording. It won't let me upload or link the claim form. The claimants claim is for balance due under an agreement with talk talk ltd dated 21-10-2006 which was assigned to claimant on 26-03-2014 and notice given on 26-03-2014 wh8ch is now all due. The defendant agreed to pay instalments under account number ......... but has failed
  2. I must of paid £1 A month for about 7 years at least. I think it was Robinson way before but it's now moorcroft.
  3. I can't be sure it was on there as it was so long ago but thinking about it. If I stopped paying the full monthly payments which would have been at least £200 and started paying £1 A month to a debt collector with some time in between with no payments they must have recorded it as a default. (I'm hoping anyway) ��
  4. I'm trying to find out about PPI I think they insisted on me having PPI on the original £25k loan. If it was registered as a default and has disappeared can it be registered again.
  5. Bank loan probably more like 14 years old
  6. Hi I've got a 12 year old debt but I was paying £1 A month on until I changed banks about a year ago and the payment stopped. I never heard anything from them (barclays) until now. I've received a letter from moorcroft asking for payment on £14k. I don't think it was ever put down as a default on my credit report. Can it be recorded now and do I have to pay. Thanks
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