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  1. He doesn't own a vehicle. Before he left the country he was on job seekers allowance. I don't know if he told the job centre that he was leaving the country.
  2. I think thats what probably happened. The debtor used our address on his bank, which in turn led everything to be traced to us. We have been getting his bank statements for the past 2 months.
  3. Interesting story. How did you know that he was under the bed? I understand that people abuse the system by saying these types of things. I can reassure you that I'm not lying about the debtor not living the property or even in the UK. If the bailiffs turn up and no one is home, will they break in and take our belongings? Will we be made to pay the debt on the behalf of the debtor for our stuff to be returned?
  4. No... I'm afriad we do not know where he lives nor do we have any contact information. He probably went back to his home country which by the way is a failed state.
  5. Hopefully we will be able to resolve this situation by peaceful means. I got a bag full of documents such as Council related files e.g. benefits, rents, utilities bill under my mother names and etc... For ID's I will be providing him with the passports of all the residents who live in the property. He would not be able call that fake ID. I also be doing that Stat Dec on Monday, but Grumpy wrote that it will be ignored by the EA as it needs to approved by the courts to withdraw the EA. "And a stat Dec will be ignored by the EA. You need to get the court to accept it and withdr
  6. Hello, Thanks to members of this forum, I am now comfortable. Sorry if I did sound arrogant, it’s just I’m stressed and frustrated with the whole situation. It is also the first time we are dealing with bailiffs and I had negative connotations about them after reading and watching videos of bad bailiffs being bullies. I do understand that these guys are just doing their jobs. We should have dealt with them more appropriately when they first came around to our house. My mother didn’t speak English who in turn woke up my brother who was confused and probably p**sed of
  7. Sorry, you already answered this. I didn't see your posts until now... I will be showing the guy the passports of all of those who live in the property, any bills such as utilities, contract details from the children schools showing who lives in the property i.e. my mother and father details and any council related stuff letters such as tax, housing and child benefits. Will this be enough evidence that the person does not live in the property.
  8. There will be no doubts as my mum does own most of the stuff... I do not have to proof to them by giving a receipt. That means nothing nor is a good evidence for proof. Who keeps receipts for items that aren't warranted after a 1 year or even 6 months? We have nothing to do with this court order or the payment. We will not be the third party who will pay for some guys fines who used our address without our permission. Plus I be doing a Statutory Declaration on the behalf of my mother on Monday.
  9. Thank you. I found the whole situation to be ridiculous and stressful. Hopefully everything will be dealt when they come around again by peacefully and not forceful. Under no circumstances will my mother be made to pay for someone else fine.
  10. I'm afraid that's never going to happen. If that's how the system works then it is unfair and unacceptable. My plan is on that day the guys show up, I will show them all the ID's of those who live in the property and anything they require to prove that the person never lived in the property. The interaction will happen though the kitchen window and not by the door. At no point will the door be opened. I will also swear a Statutory Declaration on the behalf of my mother at my local Magistrate Court on Monday. If Marston still want to take our stuff even after provi
  11. I can easily show proof that the person has never lived in the property. If they still won't go away, I just get the police to get them away. What I'm afraid is when the bailiffs turn up when my mother is alone or when's there's no one home.
  12. Okay... I can understand that, but what's stressing me what is how the guy said that even though he doesn't live in the address, we must somehow contact him and get him to pay before the 72 hours or else his going to take our stuff. and on the day there is no guarantee that they might still take our stuff even after we proved him wrong.
  13. I tried doing that over the phone, but the guy wasn't having any it. .. He kept saying that he 'understood' but he still can't prevent it even though his the one who authorised it.
  14. Hello, Today someone from Marston Holdings came to our property for someone who no longer lives in the UK. He was a family friend of ours and used our address without our permission nor knowledge. They are after a Magistrate Court fine. My mother answered the door. Mother doesn’t speak English so she woke up my brother up who was unaware what was going on and shut the door on the person telling him that he doesn’t leave here. A removal notice was left behind saying that they are now going to take our stuff from us. I called the number from the removal n
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