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  1. Hi all ok so had a response from cabot to say that they cannot provide me with my request of cca so they can't enforce any legal action however they can still contact me and arrange a payment plan so they will continue to send letters regarding payment plan ? any advice on next steps please
  2. still no response from cabot after sending the cca
  3. ok thanks for your help anyway and appreciate your advice thanks
  4. no there are more debts I have paid a lot of things off and its only the 2 outstanding which I have asked in here for advice and thats it I am debt free. its taken a while and change of circumstances but thats life I guess I have never done anything intentionally just at the time dealt with what I could at the time. lessons definitely been learnt here. yes 2017 and yes I did make payments to them thanks
  5. brilliant all done today will let you know response. Thank you so much
  6. last payment I made was January 2019. thanks I will do this today then and go from there and wait there response. does it matter that they have sent me computer print outs ?
  7. hi @dx100uk as thats what their letters say when I have been late with a payment . the CCJ was issued on 31.01.2017 and says judgement date 29.03.2017 and no didn't defend as didn't know anything about it never had no letters nothing not even court forms. thanks for your help much appreciate it
  8. hi all, I have a CCJ registered against me that I knew nothing about it was from Lowell solicitors for a very old catalogue debt. I have been paying it every month as it was a ccJ and I didn't want bailiffs turning up at my house with small children at the time. I just Want to know am I able to do anything about it now such as can I get set aside or how do I deal with Lowell thanks
  9. Evening all, looking for advice please, I sent a letter to cabot financial asking them to prove it they have sent a letter back with a breakdown of the statement which is fine as the charges on there are unbelievable I believe the FCA have announced they have to pay compensation, however what my query is they have not provided evidence only a screenshot of the online application and said it was a digital signature and that when the box has to be ticked to submit the application . the screenshots are very poor and only show name addres
  10. Looks that way Seems like they just want to go to the courts again so I just looking to see where I go next with this what letter I send them or what I do thanks
  11. Hi @dx100uk I remember you now can you message me so I can reply please
  12. Hi all, its been a while but am back after advice on what I do next with this delightful company i had a car from them back in 2000 initially and i part ex a car in possibly 2003 then a year after that i had money troubles new born baby and couldn’t afford it They kindly repossessed and made out they were doing me a favour at the time sent abusive letters/calls/texts etc all the normal delightful stuff and in 2006 he put a ccj on me for an amount over £10k with a repayment plan and i was not able to pay this i may have paid
  13. the date you mean?? if so yes i have just send you a private message
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