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  1. Could you ask your friend if they would be prepared to write an email in German translating what I write in English so I could send it to Europcar please. Surely if they understood what I have been subjected to in my car hire they wouldn't keep my money? Just have a language barrier? John
  2. No it was Europcar that I paid with my credit card in Stuttgart Airport, which is how they still had my credit card details to rob me 2 months later after posting out an invoice stating the balance on this hire is now zero? If only I spoke German? Sorry if I confused you John
  3. Yes it is 2% for using a credit card, and the MD Val from Mott's is stating by email it is Door2Tour that supplied the holiday to us and wrongly informed us it was a 7 day holiday so all complaints should be addressed to them. How do I claim it back from my credit card company please and is it not too long since the holiday now as it was in Sept 2016? As I said Door2Tour limit any compensation claims again them to £50 by their hidden T&Cs on their website and do not send out any T&Cs by email. Also never received the £50 cheque promised so a lesson learnt to never use an Internet Holiday Portal Website again. Thank you for your advise much appreciated if it is still possible to do something? John
  4. By our Credit Card both for the deposit and the balance, however both were paid to Mot'ts Travel who own Crusader Coach Holidays so no money taken by Door2Tour and they receive commission to sell holidays by others I have been told. I have found both on our credit card statements the deposit was on 9/5/16 and the balance on 2/8/16 both incurring an extra 2% charge. Why?
  5. After my previous post about Europcar helping themselves to an unauthorised amount from my Nationwide credit card 3 months after my final invoice for hire, and failing to get it refunded I rang my Nationwide Credit card customer service to report this unauthorised transaction. I was put through to this department where a lady listened to my claim for a refund after I explained this matter had been closed and paid in full as per their emailed invoice received. I was asked for all evidence I had to back up my case. When I told her I had emails to prove what I was saying was true, I was asked to send all these emails in by being given a reference number and email address to send in all my emails evidence to. I receive a reply that all has been received and a stop has been placed on this amount and they will be contacting Europcar for them to explain why they had taken this amount in dispute. I replied stating if this is a fuel charge it had been agreed due to a danger of a smell of burning from the rear and this hire car which had also been breaking down I had made the safety decision not to take it into a fuel station to return it full and returned it half full. So if they were claiming the fuel cost and a penalty fee as I received an invoice by post after this charge written in german and charged in euros which was sent in also by email then this should not be charged! I had gone through all this on the phone to the lady in the disputed transactions department and she agreed and promised me their investigation would make sure what this charge was made for and if it was for fuel etc they would explain why it had been agreed by Europcar this would not be charged due to the car faults and breakdown so no further amounts was due on this hire. I was hopeful of getting my money refunded as I was told to wait for the disputes dept at Nationwide credit card to carry out their investigations and contact me again in due course. Can you imagine my horror when I receive a letter in the post from Nationwide Credit card disputes department enclosing the same invoice copy I received from Europcar stating in English this time the amount charged was for Fuel as the car was not returned full as per their contract it included a penalty fee as I had failed to do so. The letter continued that therefore they have released this amount to Europcar and if I disagree to this decision I have 14 days to let them know by letter in the post my reasons for doing so. As it was now clear the lady on the phone had not listened or made any notes of what I had told her, the department although they had sent notification of receiving all my emailed evidence no one had bothered to read them and had just waited for the German car hire company Europcar to send back an invoice of what they had made this extra charge for 3 months later after saying the matter was closed to Rerntcars.com who told me there was no need to change my credit card number as no more money was due so would not be taken from my card? So as well as Rentalcars.com not bothering to get my money back my Nationwide bank credit card company who I have been with for a very long time didn't bother either. Is this really the state of this country now that customer service is a department that is there to fend off customers and a couldn't care less attitude is the norm now. What do you think? Too be honest I was so disappointed in Nationwide Credit Card disputes letter I haven't bothered to answer it. But am seriously thinking of changing my card provider but are any of them any better I doubt it? Thanks for reading and please reply Soundguy:???: Link to rental car.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?475327-Rentalcars.com-Employee-Error-Ignored-by-company
  6. Having been a loyal customer over a number of years every time I wanted to hire a car on holiday. When we were needing car hire from Stuttgart Airport to take us down to the Black forest I contacted Rental Cars. Com for a quote. They quoted a price I found acceptable and booked our hire car, this I found was through a supplier called Europcar. When we arrived at their airport rental desk the lady spoke poor English and after between us completing our hire agreement, she drew on a map to direct us to find our car a long walk away across the airport dragging two large cases and two cabin cases. I had requested a Sat Nav which I found still talking to me in German! I managed as it was built in to find a way to switch the language to English and we set off for our booked overnight stay in Stuttgart. After breakfast it was time to head off to our apartment in the black forest, and as we got onto the A8 and started to travel faster I noticed a smell of burning from the boot area but decided as it didn't get any stronger it may be the cat exhaust as I had not driven this make of car before. Fast forward to 2 days later now in the Black Forest this smell appeared again so I decided best to ring and tell Europcar of my smell and concerns of was this car safe to drive. The supplied number rang and was answered by a recorded German message which I didn't understand and after repeating it I was disconnected! So I left it and continued driving on our holiday and the smell again vanished. The day before we were due to leave the smell returned in the evening as I parked up. The following morning I went to the car to load the luggage in and couldn't open it, so this time I searched the internet for another number for Europcar. Rang it got answered and after finding some one who spoke English reported my problem and was told I needed to ring the other number as I was speaking to sales. When I explained he told me he would call them explain and get them to call me by someone that spoke English. They rang told me to remove a plastic handle insert so I could open the car with the key. Luckily I tried to start the engine as it was the battery that was dead, so I was told a local garage would be sent. One hour later this non speaking german man arrived started the car with a machine and passed me a piece of paper saying follow me to garage to check car! When we got to garage the owner appeared saying how you paying please? I told him to call this number which he did after asking us to both get out in the cold, and sitting in the car while he rang, he pushed a number before it disconnected him and he said will call back? After what seemed to be ages standing in the cold his phone rang he spoke in German he got out the car said ok and walked away. So we left and travelled back down the A8 to Stuttgart airport with this smell of burning still. I took a safety risk assessment not to go into a garage to bring the hire car back to full as it was meant to be returned. When we returned the car again I tried to tell the guy there was a fault and not to hire it out again before it had been checked but he didn't understand and just said ok go? I immediately rang Rentalcars.com to tell them of the problem and why i had not refilled the car and to contact Europcar urgently. I was requested to put all this in an email on my return which I did? Fast forward to three weeks later I am given a one day rental refund and told over the phone and confirmed by email that there would be no further charges due and the matter was now closed by Europcar so there would be no need to change my credit card number Europcar had. Three months later Europcar charged my credit card £83 which is for fuel and a penalty charge for returning the car not full as per their contract! After again contacting Rentalcars.com and sending emails too and throw I have never been given that money by either Europcar or Rentalcars.com so needless to say I am no longer a customer and I wanted to share this to warn others as this is a story that couldn't be made up I promise you! Thank You Soundguy:shock:
  7. Door2Tour.com are what is known as a holiday portal company and only offered holidays they booked through other companies. They Limit their liabilities to only £50 in their hidden Terms and Conditions on their website when they make a mistake leaving the customer with no where to go as they did us as well as never sending the £50 promised!! We booked and paid for a 7 day coach holiday to the rhine valley in Germany last Sept with Crusader coach holidays we thought. However when we rejoined our coach after crossing on the ferry our coach driver announced please put your passports away now as you won't need them again until thursday? Us and another couple we later found out thought he had made a mistake as we will return on Saturday. It transpired we were both on only a 5 day holiday so would be returning on Thursday. I rang Door2Tour back in the UK and was told just enjoy your holiday I will look into it and call you back tomorrow which she did and admitted they had made a mistake and it was only a 5 day holiday and they will discuss us losing 2 days holiday on our return. After the holiday the trouble started and the attitude of Door2Tour.com. We were told by the other couple to complain to Crusader coach holidays as their paperwork for the holiday was not clearly written which is why they had thought they were on a 7 day holiday also. We both discussed this with the coach driver, but were told he was a free lance driver so could do very little as he didn't work directly for the company. I made a complaint to Crusader Coach holidays as our itinerary stated we could see the barges going up and down the Rhine which was impossible without a 10 minute walk to the bank of the Rhine. Worst still the hotel was right next to the local main line railway station and freight trains run all night so all complained of not getting much sleep! I have since found out they have a different holiday hotel next to the Rhine this year? But guess what mine and many other complaints got nowhere I know from the Managing director of Motts travel who Crusader coach holidays are owned by confirming by email I had to address my complaint direct to Door2Tour and not Crusader and I also heard no one had any luck either. i was told by Door2Tour as a good will gesture I would receive a discount on booking another holiday through them but as per their T&Cs we are not entitled to any more compensation over and above this £50! When protested we had lost two days of our holiday I was told sorry that is it the cheque will be in the post. To this day it has never arrived so I thought I would write this post so others realise what a holiday internet portal only company can do by writing it into their T&Cs and there is nothing you can do about it if you don't have the money to sue. Thanks for reading Soundguy
  8. Having booked a 17 day Sydney 2 day hotel room only stay and 15 day NCL cruise of Austria and New Zealand for Nov 2017. As the tv presenters had stated if you want to add any extra days on please just call back after booking as we are travel agents also so will make sure you get the best price? We contacted Cruise 1st customer service to request a quotation to stay an extra three days earlier in our hotel and change our flights out date. The email reply I have received offered to change our flights for £100 each and the extra three days in the same holiday hotel would be for a room only deal £845 each making a total cost £945 each to extend our booked holiday by three days. I found this quote unbelievable and therefore went online putting the three extra dates in for the same Sydney hotel for the double room only quotation. It came back £625 for the room and not each. so a different of over £1000 from the Cruise 1st one. I contacted Cruise 1st C/S and was told in an email reply that is the price we were given by our suppliers Travel Cube and if you can get it cheaper then I suggest you just pay for us to alter your flights and book your own accommodation yourself as that is the best price we can get. I replied I would be reporting this to the Salford Trading Standards and their suppliers Travel Cube as I and many others I have told think there is no way this can be treated as a fair profit and has to be a customer rip off price as it is done to a large tv audience and many may thing that is the best price and pay it? I feel strongly about this so I have reported this to both Salford Trading Standards and Travel Cube who are both investigating I have been told and will be in touch in due course. i have been told since a £100 per return flight each alteration charge is too high as well and more than Emirates would charge Cruise 1st to do it, also Cruise 1st have told me there is no refund to cancel my transfer cost from the airport to the hotel if arriving three days earlier on a coach!!! After my last email threatening to contact trading standards and Travel Cube there has not been a reply from Cruise 1st. So I have joined this forum to make sure other UK wage earners and retired people wanting a cruise don't get ripped off if wanting extras added. Thank you all Soundguy
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