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  1. I have an old HSBC credit card debt for £7000. I received default notice back in 2010 and was paying £1 a month, until last year when I received a letter from HSBC confirming they cannot provide CCA and debt unenforceable, so I stopped payment. Moorcroft are now chasing for repayment plan. Is there a standard letter I can send them to say no cca and confirmed unenforceable so go away do not harass or do I just ignore. I dont have means to repay. I'm a carer for wife, so not working, my daughter has serious mental health issues, my mother has de
  2. I have been making £1 a month payments to an M&S Credit Card debt since 2009. These were stopped in Nov 19 and CCA request and DSAR submitted. The credit card was initially an old M&S chargecard. I have been sent the attached CCA documentation for the credit card. Can I have an opinion whether this constitutes an enforceable document. M&S_CCA_Jan20.pdf
  3. Can anyone confirm if the attached CCA is enforceable. Relates to a Tesco Credit Card acquired in May 2007 online. The debt has been purchased by Intrum.



  4. Defence was submitted on time, so waiting to hear now. Can I just double check re PRA cover letter in #17, is it best not to reply at all or should I just confirm in response to their 'if you disagree...'. comment "As you will be aware I have submitted my defence of your claim to the court"
  5. Thank you and Andy for swift response. I have one question re defence. One point In one of the no paperwork defence points states - on the alternative, as the Claimant claims to be an assignee of a debt, it is denied that the claimant has the right to lay claim due to contraventions of S136 Law of Property Act and S82A of CCA 1974. My Question is what does this mean/say? I just like to make sure i understand what I'm putting in if challenged.
  6. Docs attached. Really need to get this done today, if anyone could get back to me id be really grateful. q1 is cca valid given signature and terms not on same document and paras 4 to 18 not included? q2 are the assignments correct format. ive read should be from assignor and assignee? q3 assgnments don't show movement from mbna to varde should there be another assignment? q4 I have paid £1 a month which was amount initially agreed should my defence continue to be along lines of missing documentation or should I include commentary that £1 was the agreement
  7. Thanks I'd drawn up defence based on missing documentation from the help you referred me to. However today I have received a copy of the signed section of cca which appears separate to the t&cs. On a separate page are terms 1 to 3, terms 4 to 19 are not attached and on this page . it states "The rest of your terms and conditions (paras 4 to 19) can be found in the full copy (which we must give to you under the CCA 1974) which is attached.' Question Is this enforceable I seem to recall reading the T&Cs and signature should all be on the same page.
  8. Understand. I'm still going to send a defence, just wondered if there were defence templates.
  9. Received a response from PRA, looks standard confirming they've requested CCA from MBNA and advising me it can be a reconstituted copy of original. They say they've suspended all collection activity but not had anything from court. I need to send defence next week. Are there any templates for this or tips.
  10. Date is 21/2/17. Don't know re 19 + 14. I think it's 5 + 14 for acknowledging by I.e 12/3/17 (I have acknowledged already defend all) plus further 14 for defence I.e by 26/3/17 ? If you count 21/2 as day 1 then dates become 11/3/17 to acknowledge by and 25/3/17 for defence but I'm no expert.
  11. Thank you for swift response. I assume I request notice of assignments for MBNA to activ then activ to PRA. I do recall a number of calls I had with Activ saying I hadn't been informed they had taken it on from MBNA back in 2012.
  12. Name of the Claimant ? PRA Group(UK) Limited Date of issue – 21/2/2017 Date of acknowledge = 11.03.2017 Date to submit defence = 24.03.2017 What is the claim for – 1.The Claimant claims the sum of £19k for debt and interest. 2.On xx/xx/03 the defendant entered into an agreement with MBNA for a credit card under reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 3.On xx/xx/10 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £18k. 4.On xx/xx/12 the debt of £18k assigned to Aktiv Capital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zug branch, who itself assigned the deb
  13. This is my first post so hope format is ok. I took out MBNA credit card (as Abbey National member) over 10 years ago following a change in financial circumstances was unable to make the repayments. I entered into an agreement to pay £1 a month to MBNA and a number of other creditors in 2010. My total unsecured debt is over £50k, and debt to MBNA was approx £16k. This debt was moved on to Aktiv Capital then to PRA Group. I have made these £1 payments since 2010 to all 3 organisations (I believe there may also have been another company in between MBNA and Aktiv b
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