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  1. I don't have the motorbike as it was stolen from me. I do have another motorbike in my name and registered to my new address, but I have been told that bailiffs aren't able to find out what other vehicles you own from the dvla, and therefore can't clamp it as they don't know who it belongs to. Is that correct? I've just received a letter from lambeth council saying that as the issue has been passed on to Marstons, I need to deal with them and pay them. The penalty is ridiculous. As stated in my previous thread, i have seen the proof of my penalty and am willing to make a payment to the v
  2. Hello, I, unknowingly, received a PCN from Lambeth council in April 2016 for parking my motorbike in a permit holders only bay. I moved address a couple of weeks later (and then my motorbike got stolen!). All correspondence from Lambeth council was to my old address, where my motorbike was registered. I did not update the registration address with DVLA as the vehicle was no longer in my possession. As I was no longer living at the old address, I did not receive any of the letters from Lambeth council regarding the PCN. It was only until Jan 2017 when I recei
  3. Hi tomtubby I have a similar problem to user shazbazz from this forum and really hope you can help me: my thread is here please help!! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?475270-TE7-and-TE9-rejected-from-PCN
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