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  1. Thanks unclebulgaria67(!) Why is Equity Release not a good idea? Her house is worth 200K, she's a retired teacher and fit as a fiddle.....
  2. Hi - apologies if this is on the wrong forum... My mum owns her house outright. She's 71 and wants to help me and my daughter to buy a property/see that we inherit the house when she passes away. Buying a house for us: Personally - I'm currently self-employed and don't earn very much, I'm reliant on Housing Benefit for my rent. She has a 18K deposit we could use, but obviously I can't get a mortgage with my current earnings. So the only option we can think of is Equity Release. Could somebody shed some light on this option as it appears to be a bad move from the research that I've done. Inheriting the house: We've thought about switching the house over into my name, so when/if she ever has to go into a home, the equity from the house wouldn't go on home fees? But in doing this, I'm assuming that I'd have to pay the bills on the house which I can't afford to do right now. Any help/tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated - thank you.
  3. Thanks Steve_M I'm currently going through the process with the DPS - I've got as far as 'not agreeing' with her deduction of funds. Not sure what happens after this - I'm hoping that I at some point, get a chance to state my claim and hoping that the DPS will see what a ridiculous accusation this is. And that's a good point about her using the money - thank you.
  4. Thanks sgtbush. I'm not sure if I can afford to take her to court unfortunately. --------- There are two clauses in my contract which relate to Council Tax: 2.5: To be responsible for payment of Council Tax during the tenancy in respect of the premises. The Deposit has been taken for the following purposes: 4.4: Any unpaid accounts for utilities or other similar services or Council Tax incurred at the property for which the tenant is liable. ---------- So basically my question is: Is claiming a discount (not having to pay it for a month) classed as non-payment? Thanks again.
  5. Hi All, My landlady told us in Feb that she was selling our house. We moved out in April when a suitable property came up, but had to pay double rent and council tax on the two properties until the end of June when my tenancy ended I did however manage to get a one month discount on the old property as I wasn't living there. Now that the landlady is renovating the house to sell, she too has applied for the council tax discount (as she's not living there) and has been declined as there needs to be a period of 6 weeks of someone living there since that last claim before she's entitled to it. Because of this, she has told me that what I did was 'unacceptable' and that she will be taking the £119 (one month's council tax) out of my deposit. We are going through the DPS, but but the email this morning told me that my request for repayment of my deposit has been declined and that that I to settle it with her - which is impossible as she is totally unreasonable. Who is in the right here? She is stating that it was my responsibility to pay all bills (which I have done), but in claiming the discount (which I was perfectly entitled to), I have breached this part of my contract. Any advice much welcomed.
  6. Thanks Mariner - I actually decided to forget the compensation idea today too - I'm not a greedy person - just want/need my deposit back!
  7. Hi, this is following on from a previous thread. I have been renting a house for the last 4.5 years. When I moved in - I planned to use the basement as an office, but it soon became apparent that the room - one of the walls - had damp on it. The landlady insisted that the damp was being caused by condensation due to me not ventilating the room adequately. So I continued to pay for that space despite not being able to use it. However, last year and underground leak (3 metres from the wall) was identified and fixed by Severn Trent. I have all of the correspondence confirming this. And I have just had photos of the damp looked at by a damp expert and he confirms that the damp has been caused by water coming in from outside. SO. Do I claim compensation for the money spent on a space I couldn't use? If so, who on earth do I approach - I've never taken anyone to court before - I'm currently on benefits having just relocated to a new town. Many thanks for your time.
  8. Ethel Street - yes - the repair of a leak in an old pipe that runs alongside the property is all documented - with correspondence from my neighbours as well. Mariner - a hole in an old pipe underground. So I guess I need to get someone to identify what kind of mould it is... There is a 'bubbling' and 'breaking away' of the plaster and the internet tells me that this is a sign on 'penetrative damp' from an external water source.... Looking good? She will get me one way or another.....still feeling very apprehensive. How would I go about claiming compensation for paying years of rent for a room I couldn't use? Is it worth pursuing? Would I have a leg to stand on?
  9. By the way - I'm a private tenant so not sure if I could ask the Environmental Health Dept to have a look? Are the independent ones I could use. I have no money though....I definitely can't afford to take her to court...
  10. Thanks both! I've always resented paying rent for a house where I was unable to use one of the rooms and was wondering about taking her to court an demanding compensation. She's a very clever woman - all of her correspondence with me has been carefully worded, admitting no responsibility and highlighting the fact that I didn't ventilate the property adequately. Basically it's between her word that this is damage caused from condensation and on the other hand - that it was possibly damaged by the water leak... My deposit is £695 which is a lot of money for us. My tenancy doesn't run out until the 21st of this month - would I have time to get someone to inspect it - like the environmental health department?
  11. Hi, I'm just moved from a house that suffered from issues with condensation - it was an old house on the side of a hill. It was always a bone of contention between my landlady and me. I was there for 5 years and after the 1st year it became obvious that I couldn't use the room on the ground floor due to damp - which I was told (by her) that I had caused by not ventilating effectively. However, just last year, an underground water leak was identified at the side of the property - fairly close to the wall inside the ground floor room that is now severely effected. The leak was repaired late last year - but there is a substantial amount of mould on the one wall. The wallpaper was so saturated that I removed it - it - admittedly - looks a mess. This is my question: The landlady is telling me that I need to redecorate in order to get my deposit back as she claims that the damage was caused by condensation. Where do I stand with this. I have all the correspondence from Severn Trent regarding the water leak etc - what are my next steps? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Hi, My landlady told us in February that she's selling the house at the end of our tenancy - the end of June. I've (thankfully) found alternative accommodation - but it's to move in ASAP - which will mean paying *double* rent until the end of June as I signed a contract with her for a year. The contract states that I'm to give a month's notice - I'm assuming this would be in May (if she was not selling). However - we are ready to go *now* Is there any way around having to pay double rent until June? Do I have any rights at all? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks Mariner51 - the problem is - she's not on our side, and I'm worried that she will relish in providing a bad reference for us - in stating that we didn't ventilate the property adequately. I doubt very much that she will send me a reference directly.
  14. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum? I'm about to move as the Landlady is selling the house we rent. She's selling the house because of its ongoing issues with damp. However, she has often blamed me for not ventilating the property adequately and we have fallen out over this on many occasions as I have been and remain a good tenant - there's only so much you can do in a Victorian house on the edge of a hill. I've *never* missed a payment, and as far as I'm concerned have lived here with the due respect that I've always shown in other properties that I've lived in. I'm extremely worried that she will give me a bad reference for our next Landlords/agent. What I'd like to know - is: Am I legally entitled to 'view' the reference that she'll send the agent? Am I legally entitled to be copied in? Even better: Am I legally allowed to demand that she sends her reference to me to then forward the the relevant agents? Many thanks in advance for your time.
  15. Thank you all for your detailed responses - I'll bear some of what's been said in mind and investigate a little further, but it really does seem like a bit of a dead duck!
  16. Thank you BazzaS - somebody mentioned that she would be able to raise 70K equity. This thread was intended as a brainstorm really for what appears to be a lost cause. I've never owned a property - I have absolutely no idea how any of this works - hence me being here seeking advice.
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