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  1. Okay, so I sent the letter, as written above, signed for delivery. The Post Office is website is showing the letter as signed for by a Mr. Barnes on March 7th at 09.23am. I feel this is important as today (31st March, 2017) I received a letter from Harlands saying the following: We refer to our previous letter and note that you have not contacted us. You have now incurred a further charge and are £79.98 in arrears. Under your membership agreement, you have promised to pay this debt. If you continue to refuse to honour that commitment, we will have no option but to take further steps
  2. Thanks for the responses, how's this for a draft. Dear Sir/Madam, I recently accidentally cancelled my direct debit with you. I have consequently missed one month's payment. I am willing to pay that month's fee and restart the direct debit so that I can continue to make my direct debit payments. However, I refuse to pay the administration fees which are unenforceable. This offer will stand for fourteen days, after which it will be withdrawn. Kind regards, DJB Will I have to put any other details in the letter?
  3. So I've seen numerous posts about Harlands and the problems people have had with them. This one may be more on me though. I went to my gym's (Simply Gym) website to see how to initiate cancellation and it simply said to cancel the direct debit with my bank. I did this, then a week later (28th February 2017) I received a letter from Harlands saying that I owe them £14.99 plus £25.00 admin charge. I then proceeded to look up my membership and it turns out that I am on a 12 month contract and the website states that they will expect every payment in this membership. I should say that th
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