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  1. the shipment was uninsured hence i couldnt claim any compensation on it.
  2. falso alram guys, im pretty certain it went out on the right time and falls within the 15/16 tax year. i will double check on my statement when i get them but i have managed to check an alternative way.
  3. hi i need to double check on my statements i think i may have got it wrong and it went out in march (just before the tax year ended.) im wiating for my statements now. reported was 6k accontsa made up to 3rd april 15 - 3rd april 16 (just about in line with tax year) If i dont use an advisor, (i cant afford one, last one qouted me £500), cant i just state this to the officer responsible he seems like a reasonable guy whos been very helpful so far. The leaflets also state that i can just tell the officer as soon as i know something is wrong.
  4. in that year the courier company i use also lost one of my shipments further affecting my profits.
  5. this is the advice given by several accountants i have asked. not just one. you declare it as an expense in one year, if some of that stock is left over and sold in following tax year you cant declare it again as its already been accounted for, i still have this stock in hand....which will be sold off in the following year affecting my revenue and profits in that year....it will eventually balance it self out in the end and i will be paying the right amount of tax i need to on my profits.
  6. Hi i have reordered a setup of bank statements from my bank to double check this again, when this payment went out. from what i can remember it was just over my accounting period possibly 14th april. if this is the case, it would bring my profit figure higher although below the peronal tax allowance so no tax would be due but i would probably be facing a penalty? is this right?
  7. Hi guys, hes replied back and stated that he can progress the enquiry without a face to face meeting but it might take slightley longer to conclude and if hes got any questions for me he will email them to me. regarding opening/closing stock records - this was something i emailed him about, I stated under cash basis form of accounting i didnt have to keep opening/closing stock records as per the advice of an accountant. and he stated that "hes satisfied i have answered these points and no further action is required at this time" there were two other points which i clarified hi
  8. once he replies back, i was thinking of sending him the following letter as written on the following forum (but obviously adjust it so that it applies to me)...if the officer wants a general understanding of my business i can send this in writing which this thread suggests who probably was in a similar situation to me with hmrc reuesting meetings. http://www.accountingweb.co.uk/any-answers/hmrc-compliance-check-1 I refer to the request made by you for a meeting of approx 3 hours purely to enable you to gain a better understanding of the business. As you know, both my client an
  9. hi But is a meeting really neccsasry, i can discuss anything they want over the phone, a meeting is invonvenient for me right now. I am awaiting the officers response. With reagrds to the opening/closing stock records, the officer was fine with my explanation that under cash basis accounting i didnt have to keep opening/closing stock records. There is one thing that i did note to myself in which, i think i MIGHT have been seen to over inflate my stock expense (basically i made an order for stock on 25th april 16, which i declared in the 2015/16 tax year but i should have dec
  10. hi slick, its a long story re my health. Ok i will wait until i reply back. i live with my parents, so having the meeting at my home is not an issue, its just ive not left my home for a while due to some issues im facing hence why im unable to leave my house. He probably wants to gain some calrification of the documents i sent to him, but he suggested a "meeting", is this wholy neccsasry im sure we can do this over the phone and he can ask me whatever he wants answered regarding the documents. how long can they keep this check open for? is there maximuim time limit on these t
  11. hi no ive been housebound, for the last 2 years due to issues with my mental health. Can i ask the officer to come to my home? or would that be abit too intrusive do you think? I really dont understand, my records show how much ive generated in revenue the last tax year if the officer went through it then deducted the expenses he would know ive declared the right amount to hmrc, if i made a mistake in the amount i decalred sureley they he could just say to me you made more in profits after my declared expenses then he could be upfront and say to me my decalred figure is wrong...so wh
  12. he said he wants to discuss my "business records and business in general" at the meeting, sureley i can do this over the phone?
  13. hi guys an update on this, ive provided everything i can to the officer, but hes stated he wants to meet at there offices which i am unable to do due to ill health? i dont understand why, as ive provided everything to them via email. i have asked if he could call me and he can contact me by phone and ask me what he wants to know, is this ok?
  14. hi, so ive sent most things they have asked for off to them last week. I havent had any response from them yet. Is there a general guidline on how long these things can take to be settled?
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