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  1. Thank you for all your help but my brain is too frazzled at the moment to read it properly, is it ok if I reply later tonight?
  2. Is an overdraft/current acct debt a 77 or 78? "Re: CCA Request - Consumer Credit Act 1974 Fixed loans are section 77 credit cards and catalogues are section 78 HP agreements are section 79"
  3. I apprieciate what you are saying, but I do not really want credit, I am in no position to buy a house, and I do not plan to start a business. Just trying to hand write the four letters you suggest and then having to go to the po to sort the p/o and registered post would take me a day and knock me about. Can you not answer my initial query?
  4. Tell that to the cab then as they disagree and say I have to account for every penny I get and that it HAS to be used for mobility or care. You may enjoy the fight, but I don't, I get confused and I have mobility issues which is why I get the mobility dla.
  5. I am not well enough to fight and would just like to see if I can get the dro so I do not have to deal with anyone else.
  6. A bank, I do not want to give any other personal information, other than one is at the ccj entry stage.
  7. Hi I have a query over applying for a DRO when claiming dla, if someone gets the higher rate mobility but has their own car how do they show repairs they have paid to keep the cars on the road? Will said repairs come under the mobility part? The cab have said that you can only include mobility costs, so does this include the following: Insurance mot/servicing taxis repairs petrol. Also are there top amounts for things like repairs or insurance etc. thank you.
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