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  1. No, they have been great..equita is another story...still waiting for the visit as I was instructed by the text to leave for home now
  2. Confused by amounts also, paid this off March last year, had confirmation that account settled and was able to set up dd for this year's ... .equita claim the 156 is for Southampton city council. ..hence the confusion, as they are showing a balance of zero, 15-24 home again no note saying they have visited . Even though text claimed here by twelve so head home now
  3. Prior to this I received a generic letter stating I owed the council 156...no mention of it being for fees, also had a visit letter the original bill was 1100 I had paid said company close to 1300 and what the council received wasn't making sense ,so I spoke directly with them to clear the remainder
  4. I asked he said it was for outstanding debt to the council not equitas fees.hence the reason I've not handed over anymore money, as council happy . Case closed and new ctax being paid by dd
  5. Council tax , spoke with agent claiming I owed 156. Asked how when I spoke with council they said I owed 179.00. So I paid them directly. Explained this to agent , he said he would enquire at office. Heard nothing until text today
  6. Advice please, received text stating I had to return home as bailiffs booked for 12pm. I have returned home and no one has shown up. Can I use this text to claim against my losses for coming back..the text reads "THE EQUITA REMOVAL TEAM HAS BEEN BOOKED TO REMOVE YOUR GOODS AT 12PM. RETURN HOME NOW OR TO PREVENT ACTION CALL ME ASAP TO CLEAR YOUR BALANCE. MR GREEN
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