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  1. The balance outstanding is approx £10,000. Are you guys saying i do not reply to Optima legal? The documents that they sent me were just the signed loan agreement with Halifax for the unsecured personal loan. Please advise. Thankyou
  2. No i have not put in any claim for PPI. Do i reply to optima legal? If i have not been paying the loan back can i stil claim ppi? I ma more concerned about optima legal, where do i stand with them?
  3. See attached please. Should I reply to the above letter from Optima Legal, even though they replied after 4 months for my request for the CCA?? Optima legal 11-09-17.pdf
  4. I spoke to one of their advisors regarding my letter sent in March for DCA. On 5th April I called them and they apologised for not replying and said they would send me the information that I had requested. I have not had a reply to the DCA and so stopped paying, but have now received this letter. What should I do now? Thanks Optima letter 16-05-17.pdf
  5. I have received another letter from Drydens, they have also called a few times on the mobile but i ignore them The letter says that if i dont contact them then they will assess me for legal action. BoS are not replying to my SAR request, am i running out of time with Drydens? Drydens08-05-17.pdf
  6. Its been 40 days and no reply from BoS, i called and they said they have not received any request from me. Are they avoiding the issue and what should i do now?
  7. So i should just continue to ignore them? How much longer should i wait for a reply from BOS? Thanks
  8. Received this from Drydens, Bank Of Scotland have still not replied and now Drydens are threatening to add a charge. Should I contact Drydens? Drydens 2.pdf
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