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  1. Emailing and phoning. My husband gave his business card. Insurers haven't acknowledged claim in " hard copy"
  2. Axa travel insurance received my Liability claim form on 28 February. Despite many phone calls, the claim is still with the underwriters and will be at least 5 days from today. They told me on 3 March it would be 5 days! Car owner pressing for repair.
  3. You must be psychic! Got a " we want this car fixed" email today. Replied as you suggested. Insurers dealing with it. thanks . It's my birthday so your advice saved me stress.
  4. Thank you so much,. My mum (92) is in care( with my love and support) and in current crisis so your kind support means a lot
  5. Thank you. I'll keep you posted. Home insurers say no cover as it happened away from home. We were in Republic of Ireland for a weekend break, so are checking our annual travel insurance policy . I'll keep you posted.
  6. There were no designated parking spaces. The car was just " parked" in free space. I tripped, I think my shoe caught the ground and I stumbled forward down a gradual slope( very slight incline) the owner of the car returned to his vehicle to find me lying on the ground nearly under his drivers door. I couldn't move and was " back boarded" by ambulance paramedics to ambulance and hospital. Leaving was not an option.
  7. No, there was nothing in the centre to cause my fall. I just tripped. Like a rugby tap tackle and stumbled forward until my knees hit the ground and my face the middle of the drivers door. The estimate includes reference to front wing, front light, rear wing - I "only" head butted the door skin. Big dent. I don't understand the extent of the repairs . I can't comment on cost, just confused how front wing is involved .
  8. Thank you. I sort of understand morally/ legally and will follow your advice. May I keep CAG posted in case others find themselves in this situation.
  9. I know! I dented the door skin with my head- very painful. The BMW quote includes spraying front wing to match door!
  10. Last Saturday I tripped in a garden centre and couldn't regain my balance . I tripped down a slight slope and only stopped when my knees crashed to the ground and my head into the drivers door of a 6 month old BMW. I was taken to hospital by ambulance and was cleared as bruised but nothing broken. I am black and blue and very sore. The owner of the BMW was VERY nice but he phoned this evening to say the car needs a new door as sensors are involved to the tune of £1500! I am stunned - literally and financially. Would my homeowners personal liability cover
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