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  1. Hi I have an issue I have just found out I have a council parking ticket at bailiffs stage sent to an old address. This is the first I know about it. I have changed address multiple times due to domestic abuse. I have changed my driving licence address a few times over last few years and not really sure of dates. I can try and work dates out but tbh my memory isn’t that great with stress and medications I havent got any letters or info I just called the council and they told me in the phone Any advice much appreciated Thanks
  2. Hi I have an issue where I have just found out I have a council parking ticket sent to my old address. I thought I had updated log book with DVLA via the phone. Last year I changed my licence but didn’t know had to do log book separately, I therefore didn’t get the tax renewaI letter called DVLA and explained I had no reminder and they said log book at old address. I was on holiday and they allowed me to tax car on the phone without log book details etc. (I obviously gave them my address as the same as my licence at this point on the phone) I’m sure I sent in paperwork to change log book after this but I’m not 100% as I was suffering with depression anxiety and forgot a lot of stuff due to medication. I think I may have a speeding fine too as as I thought I got flashed a while ago but presumed ok when no letter came. Any advice appreciated Thanks x
  3. Hi Dx That really isn’t the issue here but there is lots of evidence now that all types of radio radiation is 2G 3G 4G and WiFi radiation is linked to various cancers. I only turn my WiFi on when using then I turn it off. I would like advice on How to object this BT mast ( I can send them the various studies if needed) Or can I use another reason? Will my objection stop the works until resolved? How likely is an objection to win? Many thanks
  4. What will happen if I object? Will it stop the works until it is resolved? Do I contact the council to see if they have planning permission? I would like a consultation with the local neighbours and I can explain risks of having WiFi hotspots within close proximity to their children 24 hours a day Thanks
  5. BT were doing a different job (laying fibre optics) on the street today and the workman told me the pole is too low and also they should have had a wayleiver for planning permission. I have no idea if they have or not but I haven’t seen anything and the mast has only recently gone up Thanks again
  6. Hi I understand what you mean about the daily mail article not carrying much weight but the article is based on scientific studies by The National Institute of Health. I posted that link as an overview- overview section posted below ‘The NIH has been studying the effects of cell phone radiation on rats, mice and people since 1999 Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation that allows them to communicate with cell towers Some studies have suggested patterns in development of certain cancers and cell phone use The NIH released preliminary findings in 2016 because rats exposed to high levels of radiation developed certain cancers early on Now, the final results show 'clear evidence' of a link between heart, brain and adrenal gland cancers in male rats There is now 'clear evidence' that cell phone radiation can cause cancers of the heart, brain and adrenal glands, a landmark National Institutes of Health (NIH) study warns.’ So you mention guidelines on non- ionising radiation and BT have to confirm the mast will not exceed these? Although the guidelines will probably allow such radiation levels as this current research is new and guidelines will take time to change. So how do I go about wording this? I have never objected anything before. I was thinking about objecting and asking for a consultation with the neighbours? Do I have a right to see this confirmation? Many thanks Rachel
  7. Hi So I can’t object to this on health grounds? with reference to the recent study findings of being a cancer risk (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6342097/Cell-phones-linked-cancer-landmark-study-finds.html) It will be a few metres from my daughters window. As this is the main reason I would like to include this in my objection. Does anybody know if I can do this? The notice implys you can object on grounds of it affecting your property? Any advice greatly appreciated Thanks
  8. Hi Ethel Street this new study shows it is linked to cancer. Also there have been various other studies on mobile and WiFi radiation. This most recent one in Nov 2018 shows ‘ clear evidence that cell phone radiation can cause cancers of the heart, brain and adrenal glands, a landmark National Institutes of Health (NIH) ‘ This is a link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6342097/Cell-phones-linked-cancer-landmark-study-finds.html Industry obviously put big money into fighting this but it will come out in time and I don’t want to put my child at unnecessary risk Hope this helps
  9. Hi It’s on the pavement, they have taken a street light down that was next to the new post. It’s on the other side of the road to my house so would probably just hit my wall / hedges Nothing is on the pole yet ie no lines of WiFi hotspot box but they have trimmed the bottom branches of the tree right next to it the other day, so I presume they will be coming soon Thanks for any advice on how I can find object it if it is a WiFi hotspot
  10. Hi Dx well this is half the problem I’m not sure as it’s illegible but I think it says ‘1 new tower .....’ But we have no need for any more phone lines as all the houses are old with existing lines and 3 poles already on the street
  11. Hi ok I think I’ve changed it into a PDF but it doesn’t seem as clear It says Right to object 3. You will have a right to object to the apparatus under para 77 of the electronic communications code if BOTH: a. you are an occupier of or have an interest in any land neighbouring AND b. Because of the nearness of that neighbouring land to the land on or over which the apparatus is kept i. The enjoyment of that neighbouring land is capable of being prejudiced by the apparatus OR ii. Any interest in that land is capable of being predjudiced by the apparatus Says need to object with 12 months of installation and it’s only just gone up I am a home owner opposite the pole, it is facing the gable end and my side garden. I guess from this I need to say it will affect the view from my garden? But are there any strong arguments I can give? thanks F6F79D34-F290-4AF8-B842-5FED77897E1E.pdf
  12. Hi there i would like some advice on how to object a BT mast / Pole opposite my house. Nothing is yet on it but I suspect it’s going to be a hotspot WiFi as we have existing phone masts on the street. It is opposite my daughters bedroom and I do not want to risk her being a guinnie pig. There is a study out in 2018 confirming phone 2G does indeed cause cancer. I don’t want to get into the does it or not debate, but just want to know the best approach to objecting this. The notice says it can be objected. It is about 5 meters from my young daughters bedroom. Many thanks for any help
  13. Hi Andy are you a moderator? I had a private message from CAGBot but my inbox was full. I have deleted some but it still hasn’t come through? Is there any way of finding it or asking him to resend it? Thanks
  14. Hi thanks for that. I apply for a set aside and mention in there I want them to pay on a full costs recovery basis? They will probably drop this though like last time. Is there any way I can recover my 3x set aside fees? Any point in contacting them and asking them to drop it now as it will be cheaper for them too? Thanks
  15. Hi I hope you are able to assist me your help will be much appreciated This I believe should have been dealt with last year as excel brought two identical cases, ,one was this this case against me in 2017. I defended it and excel dropped it (but I believe a court error) but I have a just had a new CCJ against me for the same case Excel brought two claims against me in 2017. Exactly the same but diff dates. My defence and N180 (exactly the same) was sent in at the same time for them both. Excel discontinued case 1 but for some reason I think there was a court error and my defence was not initially registered for case 2. I re-sent the email with my defence to the court and both my CCJ’s were removed. I therefore presumed both were dealt with and dropped by excel. It should all have been dealt with last year but I have a new CCJ for the same case in Sept 2018 I got a set asides as they sent papers to an old address (plus I wasn’t the driver, they didn’t follow POFA and illegal signage and no planning permission for signs) and excel dropped them in 2017. These 2 cases running concurrent with the same defence and always dealt with together They have now given me a new default CCJ as I did not return the papers/questionnaire. This however was sent to my now very old address which was changed at DVLA many months ago. This I believe was an original error by the court (in 2017) as it should have been dealt with the same as case 1 ie defended and dropped in 2017. I do not really want to pay another £255 as I’ve already had a set aside for this case and paid it once, and as they dropped it I couldn’t ask for my costs. The court are telling me this is now a new case as I did not return the forms and that I have to pay for a set aside again Any advice would be very much appreciated
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