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  1. Hi Karmakat...check out my thread...i parked behind the HSBC bank in oct 2016 and got a ticket for not displaying a permit....read the whole of my thread...i took the parking company to court after they discontinued at the last minute and won costs for loss of earnings...take all the advice you can get from the members on this site especially ericsbrother...good luck.
  2. hi...i was in the same situation as yourself in 2017.....i had no paperwork as it was all thrown...read my thread on maghull square parking...take all advice given on this forum and ericsbrother is very knowledgable...good luck
  3. hi, emailed my local newspaper responding to an article about maghull square parking issues...told them about my recent court case etc...they are very interested as they want details and a photo....was wondering if anyone could give me some input as i am slightly wary...especially having a photo taken which i will decline ...
  4. hi dx100k, it does say "will"..last paragraph of solicitors letter...correct me if I'm wrong
  5. hi dx100k, the first post 105 is ok..its posts 118 and 175 that have the errors witness statement new.pdf
  6. hi dx100k, would it be possible to amend the error i made on the WS regarding euro car parks and euro parking services as euro car parks are a different company regards
  7. hi EB, quite shocking when you highlight it in that manner over the conflict of interest of the IPC...maybe not a burglary but someone who is good at hacking eh...
  8. hi, well said zydeco, conflict of interest was mentioned and discussed but to no avail unfortunately....judge lottery?...happy with what we got ....and now well prepared and versed for any potential issues in the future regards
  9. hi EB, yes no problem, .. .Euro parking services v Miss Lowe, liverpool county court 23/11/17 claim ref D7GF100P. The judge would not allow me to speak, only act as Mackensie friend which did cause a bit of a problem as my wife had not even read up on anything as i was the one who done all the research due to my wife losing her father.. .my wife thought a CPR 31 was a japanese motor bike... it was difficult conveying information and then she had to speak which was not on her agenda. the judge dismissed all the costs inc postage, printing, lip research and travel , h
  10. hi, thanks everyone for the guidance and knowledge i have gained along this journey, stressful, educational and funny.. regards
  11. hi, went to court today, got costs awarded, good outcome in the end .....judge was really good and understanding... hope this thread will educate and help people to fight back against these cowboys...good luck everyone best regards
  12. hi, just received a letter off gladstones dated 15/11/2017, it says, in accordance with CPR 27.9 our client gives notice that it will not be attending the hearing on 23/11/2017
  13. hi EB, once again thank you, i will do that regards hi EB, as there are no signs at the entrance to the car park at maghull shopping centre would this amount to entrapment if so could other motorists who have paid the parking tickets in the past claim back the charge ?... as i know many people who have paid up due to being threatened with court action
  14. hi EB, thats just what i wanted to hear, thought i may have had to argue a few points on the witness statement myself, good to know that i don't, amazing how they still have not included the right signage in their witness statement as well , exactly the same as last time, incompetence at its best...got to chuckle best regards....looking forward to the 23rd nov
  15. hi, here is the latest letter from gladstones regarding my claim for costs... Claimant reply to cost order WS.pdf
  16. hi, just received a letter from liverpool county court stating the matter be listed for a hearing on the 23/11/2017 at 12.30pm approx 30 mins for consideration of the defendants application for costs on the grounds of unreasonable conduct.
  17. hi, EB, it is great news, but it was a good witness statement guide by everyone involved with CAG, could not have done all that without the help available here...thank you
  18. hi everyone, just phoned and spoke with the court, they have the letter of discontinuance in front of them but the system hasn't been updated yet, said they will phone us back if any problems , just sent the court by email my request for costs under CPR27.14.2
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