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  1. Would be able to do all that tomorrow as I am dialysing at a hospital at present. Thanks to everyone for helping.
  2. The ticket was posted, it was an ANPR. I have appealed to the company via their website and was rejected now I want to appeal to POPLA.
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first time and I am happy to join this community of consumers. I have a parking 'fine' by Smart Parking in a retail parking at around 22:5hrs for 10-11min, with a 3hrs free parking but must obtain a ticket. Now it is late at night and the two ticket machines are situated together at one end of the parking which is 50m from where I am parked and as a current blue badge holder , I have difficulty in walking that distance as the place I was going to was less than 50m. Also as the retail park closes at 20;00hrs the car park is virtually empty.
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