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  1. No problem, thanks again for your help, I'll continue to read the excellent advice you have given and I will keep you informed if any updates. Thank you
  2. Hi slick, just a quick update, since my last post both myself and my wife have both received a txt from crs on 30/03/17 stating it was urgent they spoke to us. And we have also both received a call from crs today 4/4/17 which we both ignored, both calls left automated voicemails. Do I just continue to ignore or is there anything I can do to try put this to bed? I have also as suggested read the court post it made for very good reading and has certainly put my mind at rest As always any help would be much appreciated. Best regards.
  3. Hi slick thank you for the reply. My wife is terrified by the thought of a ccj how do you know it won't go that far?
  4. Also the email response I got stated we received numerous letters however we have only ever received 1 letter each which was from crs asked for the £207.47 each prior to this we have only ever received txt messages stating we are in arrears.
  5. Hi slick, sent the email as you advised and I have had an email response saying the following... Thank you for your email. As advised you both were sent several letters advising you of the status of your membership and to contact ourselves to resolve this to prevent any further administration charges, unfortunately these memberships were left unresolved and have since been passed to CRS. You will need to contact CRS directly on 01444449165 to discuss your arrears. Today I my wife has received a letter from crs giving us 10 days to pay the balance due otherwise they could pursue the claim through the courts which they state could result in a ccj. The weird thing is though is that only my wife has received this letter and not myself. Therefore they only seem so far to be pursuing my wife's debt but I could be wrong. Any further help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi slick, I have had an email reply regarding the letter I sent to head office and it said the following... Thank you for your letter to Xercise4less. At the beginning of your membership you were sent a welcome email. In this email it explains the terms of your contract along with the terms and conditions. In these it explains that once your membership expires it will automatically renew on to a 1 month rolling period until you provide your 30 days notice in writing/online in which you will need to make a final payment for. Unfortunately by cancelling your direct debit without providing your 30 days notice in writing, it has prevented Harlands from taking their agreed monthly payments and has incurred administration charges. You are then sent several letters advising you that your membership is in default and to contact ourselves to resolve this before it is passed on to a third party debt collectors. After 3 months of missed payments and no contact the account is left unresolved therefor the account is then passed on to CRS. Please contact CRS directly on 01444449165 to discuss your arrears, Any help on this would be appreciated, Thank you. I have also received a txt today asking me to ring crs to pay the outstanding debt.
  7. Hi slick thanks again I will do this today and keep you informed. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi slick thanks for the reply, initially it was the gym asking for fees but from crs now via the letters we received yesterday. My wife rang crs yesterday before I was home from work and they have said they would accept £60 end of this month and £60 end of next month but I still begrudge paying that amount for a 9.99 per month membership.
  9. I also offered to pay for December month for both of us as a final good will gesture as I was unaware of any cancellation T's&C's to which they refused.
  10. Hi, I too have a situation with xercise4less for less I could do with some help on... Myself and my wife joined the gym back in 2012 on a special £9.99 a month 12 month membership. I registered my membership over the phone as the gym in wigan hadn't even opened yet therefore signed no contracts or received any cancellation terms and conditions Myself and my wife moved home in summer of 2015 and had since used the gym maybe once after moving. In November 2016 I rang to cancel our memberships and was told it would be dealt with I then cancelled my DD. On 24/11/16 we both received a txt stating our "account" was in default and needed settling otherwise it would be passed to third party debt collectors. My wife then rang the branch to sort it out. She spoke to the branch manager the first time who said he would email head office and sort it for us and contact my wife the next day. The next day he didn't contact my wife so she rang him back on each day for 3 consecutive days to be told he was busy and would ring her back each time. The fourth day I rang to speak to him and was told he was on annual leave which I didn't find amusing in the slightest. On the 2/12/16 we both got a 2nd txt stating the same message as the first, to this date we have received nothing in writing from the gym asking for money apart from these txts. My wife then spoke to customer services, gym's front desk, the woman at head office called Natalie was very rude and abrupt with my wife and just basically didn't care about our situation so she got nowhere. We then emailed what we thought was head office to find that our email must of been forwarded to Wigan branch for then to deal with as it was wigan who replied to my email they requested £90 over the phone to settle both accounts to which I refused and was told the debt would be passed on. I then emailed greg Scott the wigan branch manager stating the I had "spoken to a solicitor" and that they wanted... > a copy of our signed application agreements > a copy of the cancellation terms and conditions that was sent to us back dated to when we joined > and an official request of any debts owed as any requested have only been made by txt and without any value This email was sent on 12/1/17. To this date I have had no response however through the door today arrived a letter each for us from cos stating that we owe £207.47 each. Please help as we are due to remortgage our home shortly and don't want this to affect our credit rating. Thank you in advance.
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