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  1. Thanks I am now questioning if I ever did give them my new address I told them I was moving but not sure if the new address was given. I don't want to lie and then get in more trouble. I think I am just going to have to pay the full amount and then just get into arrears with my rent and bills this month instead.
  2. I pleaded not guilty, if I am honest I am really not sure. I have been suffering with depression for a few years and have a habit of blocking stuff out that stresses me out. I have just sent a text to the bailiff querying the final amount owed as the Notice of Enforcement they have sent me says I owe £1161 but I am now been told I owe £1401. I am assuming he has attended the old house. At the moment it seems as though they don't know where I live so I could pay what I can afford for 4 months till it is paid off but the worry is that they will find me.
  3. I sold my car in December 2014 and then about a month letter got a letter from South Essex police to say I had been caught speeding. I sent numerous letters and phone calls to say it was not me driving the car but never heard anything more in October 2015 I got a letter to say that I had been charged with not giving information. Again I wrote to the Court to say it had not been me and produced all the letters I had sent. Again nothing, then in July 2016 I came home from holiday to find my car clamped by Marston Baliffs. I then went to the magistrate and gave a statutory declaration and the
  4. Good morning I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as I am really not sure what to do. I received a text on my mobile on 10th Feb from an enforcement agent informing me that I owed £1401. At first I was unsure what he meant but after speaking to him I realised it was from a court fine regarding a traffic offence that I appealed but seems to have been rejected. Through the process of the appeal being rejected I moved but had contacted the Court to ask them to let me know at my new address. The baliff informed me that a Distress Warrant had been issued in Oct to my
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