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  1. I believe cagbot has made an error, and moved a post of mine here is the message I know you will be busy, but if this could be corrected that would be great
  2. My comment was in reponse to Jans patronising tone. I dont think it's her place to advise on the purpose of the forum. Leave that to the mods who are never far behind her. As for your second comment, it is out of order to generalise the 'LB crowd' and brand them as troublemakers. As someone who is a user of a bank charges forum, i am sure you have felt mistreated and even oppressed at some point wether it by by your bank or others. Why attempt to put someone down because they use another forum? I think you know where im going with this, and you should be ashamed. I think you will find the majority of forum users scour a variety of forums for information, those who believe one site is the 'be all and end all' are nothing more than niave. You will be hard pressed to find any comments from me 'slating CAG' (theres a task for you J2B ). Any comments i have made in the past about the site would have been in the defence of users i feel have been mistreated, or in the face of blatant lies by those who should know better. As for me only 'returning when bored', i think you will find i visit this site on a daily basis. My forte is bank charges, not debt evasion, and as the latter is what the majority of posts are about these days, i struggle to contribute positively. That does not stop me checking regularly to see if i can contribute. Jan has apologised for her initial response to the OP, and as such i apologise for my initial comment. I shall not apologise for contributing to any forum i chose. Gyzmo got the response to the OP, there have been a couple of apologies, hopefully that can be an end to it. PS i havent checked the spelling, i will leave that to someone with more time on their hands :grin:
  3. you're not green any more - keep your opinions to yourself you can brush up on your spelling while you're at it
  4. here you go Not sure whats inappropriate about that?
  5. We have a saying up here to describe people like you janet. (EDIT)
  6. what about the indian porn star - Ramitin Bawdeep?
  7. Oh dear, i really didnt think you would take the bait, my comments where supposed to be light hearted and jokey seeing as you have played the sympathy card you will know what that is :grin: :grin:
  8. Join Date: Feb 2006 Location: Croydon Posts: 17,188 I dont think it's down to being 'middle aged' as such! Perhaps the amount of time spent sitting on your bahookie racking up 17k posts has something to do with, perhaps getting back on your bike will help halt the middle age spread!
  9. stevokenevo

    A petition

    KTC - I have no idea how you managed to decifer fergals statement? i still don't get it?? if you could translate it would be appreciated! Incidently, i am not entirely sure i understand your response to fergal either? From what i can gather, my comment is reflective of the fact that i dont spend as much time on this forum as i used to? Thats nonsense. My comment was reflective of my opinion, which was much better summed up by tomterm8 above. imho these petitions are a waste of time and get on my wick. now, i am not interested in getting involved in any bickering, and particularly not with you KTC. so hopefully we can leave it at that oh, after you have decifered fergals cryptic message lol
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