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  1. but should they have made it clear at the time of booking that there was a hidden stop? surely that is miss representation of the flight. i would not have booked it if i knew at the time
  2. Hi, back in January 2017 i booked online flights to go to Florida from London. When I purchased the flights i thought that i was booking :- - Direct flight from London to Florida - Indirect flight from Florida to London via JFK. When it finally came to the holiday i arrived at LHR to check in only to find that not only was my flight not direct, but, it had a 7 hour stop at Detroit! Clearly i was very unhappy, and want a full refund of my flights. Fortunately at the time of booking the flights online i took a screen shot of the booking (attached image) you can
  3. Hello, I am writing here on behalf of my mum. My mum works for one of the major food retailers. One day, in the store canteen there was an independent advisor who had set a desk for the day to talk to staff about tax relief/rebates etc. The main points were about how you can claim back allowance for washing your own work uniform and stuff like that. The company that were allowed by the retailers was called UK Tax Refund Limited. As you can imagine, many staff members at the store, and at 3 other stores around the area were interested in this advice. Unf
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