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  1. Hi, I'd like to share the experiences I've had with L&G, Topquote (TQ), Openwork (OW) and the FOS. In 2012 I had brain surgery (MVD) for a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). After a few weeks recuperation I went back to work. This was, at the age of 40, my first illness (save the occasional cold) and got me to thinking about my wife and young daughter. I decided to arrange life and critical illness cover and called TQ. The salesman must have mentioned a policy for my wife as well because I agreed. I told the salesman all about my TN and operation (when you've underg
  2. I didn't ask for a refund, they just did it. They had 'recommended' that I cancel the policy numerous times but I'd refused. So they did it anyway. This is from the FOS website; 'Where a policy was sold by an intermediary - for example, an insurance broker - consumers sometimes tell us that the intermediary was aware of the correct information but: failed to pass it on to the insurer In these cases, we consider whether the intermediary was acting as the agent of the insurer or of the consumer. Generally, if an intermediary is "tied" to just one insurer - or a small number o
  3. Hi dx100uk Thanks for getting back to me. My policy was designed to cover my mortgage, so about £100k and I first claimed in Jan 2016. I was paying about £35 per month from mid 2012 until the insurers cancelled the policy and refunded the premiums. It was, in fact, my illness/surgery that compelled me to take out the insurance. As a family man it's a bit of a wake-up call. The brokers did not provide the original sales call as it was not recorded (even they said 'not good practice'), they repeatedly tried to keep the date of the application hidden eventually
  4. Hi, Thanks for that. Can you expand on it a bit please? It may be my best option. I've been looking into going to court or asking for a judicial review but doubt I could afford either. I've also been reading about the FOS online which I avoided doing whilst my case was open. Makes frightening reading!
  5. Hi, Can anyone offer me any advice on an issue I have with the FOS. I took out life and critical illness cover through a tied broker in 2012. In 2016 I claimed and my claim was turned down by the insurer as they did not know about surgery I'd had prior to applying for insurance. Trouble is both me and the wife know we told the brokers agent all about the surgery on the night he came to get our signatures after checking the application. I made my initial call on the 14/4/12, their agent visited my home on 17/4/12. The FOS got involved after my complaint to th
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