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  1. As far as I know there was a letter from court last July stating that the caimant must respond to defendant because he do not had a full list of documents for mediation. The first mediation was cancelled because my mate do not had all all the paperwork. They sent ws but mediation never happened because they refused. Anyway, I wish him luck as he sent all off today. I will post later the full ws and ask him for that letter as well.
  2. Yes, will scan now and attach here as have all my friends paperwork with me.
  3. Hi Andy, Thanks for your response. All I know that he received ws and exhibits form them last year July. Asked my mate to send me all copies of court letters he received and they are on attached file. cp.-converted.pdf
  4. Well, the time is ticking out and my mate decide to go with the ws we crated and will ignore this email from TM as he asked them to stop email communication. I didn't find any law covering the changes of witnesses and them statements and can't advise him what and how to do as I'm not a lawyer. Maybe I'm wrong in something but I hope that some how I helped him. Anyway, if someone have the last advice then can you, please, post it here. Thank you
  5. Any ideas about the ws. Do we need to write ws again or stick on the first one. It was sent from them last year and the witnesses name is on the court letter as well. Hope u received a little thank you in form of donation earlier today. That's from my friend.
  6. Thanks DX. Yes cca, and he noted that is not to be used for any other purpose nor any other payment against any alleged debt. Point 26 very interesting especially the dates and added exhibit.Where is the copy of letter?
  7. Got some files from my mates spouse. Files merged - email and attached WS, just took out all the sensitive info and marked text which seems wrong. Nothing from court. Absolute confuse now as I sent the prepared ws already to his spouse as she's going for work tmw and want to print out and prepare to send them off. WS2-merged_(1).pdf
  8. Yes, will do. Thanks Andyorch. Just got a call from my friends wife. TM send him an email today. As advised before by dx he send a message to them asking to stop any further communication trough email. This email address is complete different then those he blocked. I'm not fully sure about all the email content but the cc copy is sent to the court enquieries team as well. They prepared a new WS on different persons name, they will not attend and they accusing my friend in not sending his WS to them. But as per letter from court he need send them till 4pm on Monday 30th. I'm currently at work and will find out tmw morning all the rest of details. At this point, what"s the next he can do. Can he ignore that msg and relay on the previous WS he received? Even the court letter states ws from different person. Is claimant allowed to change that? Sorry, too many questions.
  9. Thank you, Andyorch. Yes, that's what I did, just changed dates and adjusted to my mates given info. Have no experience at all in this just trying to help as much as can and really appreciate the help. He will send everything out on Friday as they need to receive it till 30/09 4pm. Have a good day
  10. Thank you Andyorch May I ask you, please, to do a quick check on the WS I wrote for my mate /file was attached in previous post/. Can we add to WS that currently a dispute was raised with LS about irresponsible lending.
  11. Morning folks, Still some days left for my mate to send his WS and evidence. Can someone explain this, please. Lay Representative at a Small Claims hearing under CPR 27 paragraph 3.1 (a) where his client does not attend the hearing. How it works? Do defendant have the rights to not attend the hearing under this paragraph and Lay Rep can read his witness statement. Are there any specific forms on this case to fill for the Court before hearing to allow this? Thanks
  12. Hi all, was a bit busy with my friends witness statement. It is my understanding that none of Assets ppl will attend the hearing pursuant to CPR 27.9 (1)(a). I'm not sure do my mate will be ready to go as he fall in deep depression, lost his interest in life and do not communicate at all now. Ok, there is the WS attached. Thanks DX for advice, I found some good ones here. No names stated in case someone from claimants side reading this. Will be appreciated for any advises and corrections. Thank you in advance. WS.docx
  13. Just went through all paperwork my friend has related to his case with Assets. We created some timescale. Sorry for a long post. email - 17 Aug 2017, Lending Stream On and with effect from 14th August 2017 the Lending Stream assigned to Asset Collection & investigation limited. email - 17 Aug 2017, Assets On and with effect from 17/08/2017 the assignor assigned to Asset Collections & Investigations (Assignee) all its rights. Post - 6 Feb 2018, Claim form received CCJ initiated email - 9 Feb 2018, Assets We have initiated a County Court Claim against you to recover the monies owed. Post - 26 Mar 2018, Defendant CPR request and 1 pound sent email - 28 Mar 2018, Assets Following your recent correspondence, the requested documents are attached to this email. Post - 20 April 2018, CC Notice of transfer of proceedings Post - 19 July 2018, Assets First witness statement and particulars of the claim including Notice of Assignment from Assets stating: 'We refer to the fixed sum loan from Lending Stream. on and with effect from 21/08/2017 the assignor assigned to Assets all its rights. This letter was never received by the Defendant and this letter does not show any date on it. Post - 29 December 2018, Assets @ TM legal a. We instructed TM legal to act on our behalf in relation to the CC proceedings which have been brought against yourself in relation to the arrears in your account. b. We, TM legal, have been instructed to act on behalf of Assets in relation to the CC proceedings which have been brought against yourself in relation to the arrears in your account and moving forward CC case. Post - 4 September 2019, CC letter Court date set for 7th October Point 6. states that there be permission for the Claimant to rely upon the witness statement of xxxxx, same person name that on docs sent before to the Defendant on 19/07/2017 dated 19/07/2019 pursuant to CPR.27.9(1)(a) Well, there some questions arises now - whats the real date of Notice of Assignment, why there is no date on Assets letter and why the witness statements dates are different? The person on her witness statement claims to be from Assets but according to the letters, TM legal is now dealing with it as well as Perch. Any suggestions on this, please. Maybe my friend somehow can use these mistakes when attending the hearing. Thank you all in advance for any help. Have a good day.
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