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  1. Thank you so much for making me feel better!!!. ...I'm an idiot for doing it in the first place and putting my career on the line but we all do silly things!! I was just terrified of the police suddenly knocking on my door! I l just deal with the DWF now hopefully! Thank you for your advice!!
  2. Is there anyway I cam re direct the RLP to my other address of I email them?
  3. Thank you guys !!! Really appreciate the lack of judgement and support!I really hope you're all right!!
  4. Will club transactions be looked at? Can staff do that?
  5. Also do you by any chance know how long the fine take to come roughly? or if i can change the address it comes to? ...i just feel sick about all of this!! He said 4 to 6 weeks in a tesco confidential envolpe but Ive heard otherwise on these sites and now im worried
  6. Thank you for your quick response!!! I explained to the security guard about my eating disorder and that it is only ever food i want.....it gets worse with stress and its been a horrible week (im a paramedic). I had the money to pay and i could not explain why i didn't! Now im terrified they will look at my club card and look at the cctv and maybe want the police to persue it! The manager said i was not a normal case and he'd only give me a 3 month ban (i wont be returning) but can he change his mind and review the situation?
  7. Hello everyone, i've basically been taking chocolate from tesco at the self checkout over the past few months (paying for most) but taking a few on the side...I have an eating disorder which I am getting help for but this is just a manifestation of that :/ Anyway I was stopped by security today, and they found I had not paid for £20 worth of chocolate but had bought everything else. The police were not involved, but Ive been banned from the shop and security took my club card details and said they would be sending me a fine in the next 4-6 weeks, which if i did not pay i would be take
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