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  1. Hi BankFodder, thanks for your response. Here's my story (as briefly as possible). After the fraudster/third-party racked up these debts in my name I made sure I contacted Lloyds Bank and did everything possible to convey to them that I had not incurred these debt. For a couple of years the issue went back and forth until Lloyds Bank admitted that I did not owe the debt, and confirmed to me in 2009 (then later again in 2010) that I was not to be chased for this debt, and I was offered £200.00 compensation for the distress and inconvenience. At this point I assumed the nightmare had
  2. I've read many inspiring stories on this sub-forum of people choosing to resolve their debt problems, and more inspiringly I've come across the unwavering support that other members offer to virtual strangers in their pursuits - so I've decided I wanted to share my problems, in a bid to help others. My problem concerns the issue of being chased for a debt that you simply do not owe i.e. a debt that arose because you were victim of fraud. For almost a decade I was harassed by a Bank and various Debt Collection Agencies (to the point I had a nervous breakdown) for a ~£3,800 debt that a
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