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  1. All correspondence has been through email. Iv no access to telephone on ship. I will keep you guys updated. Thanks again
  2. Iv since received an email advising me they will send the claim form to my solicitor. I don't have a solicitor (Iv not told them this). Iv replied asking for it to be sent to me directly.
  3. Thank you all clear now in my head. Waiting to see if I receive the claim form that Iv requested and il take it from there.
  4. Sorry I'm in the middle of the sea and my wifi connection is not great so having trouble uploading documents. All correspondence has been through email with their solicitor. So that I have a record of everything. Iv sent an email requesting the claim form and received no reply so far. Not that I'm considering this Tomlin order but does setting aside with this order even remove the ccj from my credit file?? This is just something that has stumped me as I was under the impression it could only be done before judgement had passed.
  5. Hi no I have not agreed to the Tomlin order with them or signed anything. All I have said is that I will gain further advice and instruction from my solicitor. I'm currently offshore at the moment in Africa so Ive informed them there is nothing I can do until my return next month. When I recieved this Tomlin order last night all I replied with is a request for the claim form and that I will be in touch once iv spoken to my solicitor. I have not said that I agree to the Tomlin order or signed anything. My wife in Northern Ireland is currently trying to find a solicitor who is able to deal with English law for my return. I do feel they are trying to trick me and manipulate me into signing. I can assure you nothing will be signed until i firstly recieve the claim form and I get someone to look to into this whole case. Thank for your advice Much appreciated Ps Iv since learned other ex colleagues are in the exact same position some for a lot larger figure than myself. Iv passed on advice to them and referred them to this site This is the initial explanation of 'overpayment' docs1.pdf
  6. This is the Tomlin order Iv received this evening. What does set aside judgement mean? I'm sorry I really have no clue in any of this. Iv only replied to ask for claim form Sorry managed to get it amended. Claim number should longer be visable. What does this all mean in simple terms? tomlin.pdf
  7. Thank you very much for your advice. I'm requesting the claim form now and then il going tot take it from there.
  8. Employer was larsons group an offshore construction company based in England I was working as a rigger all over the world. Their payroll department was slick pay ltd who have filed the ccj using napthens llp. Ccj was filed against another northern Ireland address my prev address which I left in August 2014. They were notified of this in the same month. I will request the claim form now
  9. Ok I don't even have a claim form (this is ridiculous). All I have is an email explaining why ccj was filed and a break down of how they worked out the figures. How do I get the claim form? This is what I mean I recieved nothing. Had absolutely no idea this was going on. Thanks for your advice so far it's proving very helpful
  10. Il try get a copy of claim form to upload here. Like I say Ive received no correspondence and only getting it all now through emails from their solicitor. The intial claim was for £4940 but with 'fees' ccj went through at £6500. Iv lived in Northern Ireland the whole time but worked for an English company
  11. Thank you so much for your advice. This was my feeling to be honest as they have sent me several email trying to discourage me from getting it set aside stating that it will take longer, cost me more in solicitor fees etc. My main problem now is because I live in Northern Ireland and this was done under English law I cant find a solicitor here that is able to help me deal with it.
  12. I started working for them July 2014 changed my address with them August 2014 and left employment with them April 2015. Judgement was passed Dec 2016
  13. The solicitor is acting on behalf of a payroll department who in error did not collect the correct amount of national insurance contributions from all their employees including myself. To rectify this with hmrc they paid the national insurance bill to hmrc and then plan to recuperate it from the employees. I was not aware that the incorrect amount of national insurance was being collected from my wages at the time. I do feel that they are just trying to persuade me not to get the ccj set aside due to the basis that I had no knowledge of the court proceedings and they are trying to persuade me to accept the Tomlin order stating that this would have the same outcome as a set aside and that this would get the ccj removed. Iv advised them that I have emails notifying my change of address and also payslips dated before ccj with the correct address on yet I never recieved any correspondence or a court claim to my current address and the ccj was filed in my prev address.
  14. Only found out a ccj on my credit file for £6500 that was put on Dec 2016 by a prev employer due to overpayment of wages. I found out when checking credit file two months after judgement passed. Did not receive any correspondence or court claim so therefore not given opportunity to resolve this before judgement passed. Ccj has been filed in previous address. Prev employee had current address I have emails to prove notification of new address dated two years before ccj filed and also payslips with new address on. Spoke to their solicitor advised that I'm thinking of getting ccj set aside as I was not given proper notification or recieved court claim. They have since offered to reduce amount due to £6000 with a Tomlin order and advised this would set aside ccj. Is this true? Can a ccj be removed with a Tomlin order? I was about to apply for a mortgage and obviously ccj is going to hinder this. I'm willing to pay in full straight away to get ccj off my credit file. Urgently need advice
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