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  1. It was last used in 2007 and it was a Mastercard I think
  2. How can you check if it's statute barred? Surely it must be if I've not corresponded with them in 10 years? Thanks for helping me I really do appreciate it
  3. I don't recall I'm sorry, possibly though as I've just binned everything
  4. I've never corresponded with them in the 10 years they've been chasing the debt I was just throwing the letters away, then I opened the court letter stating that I had a CCJ against me at my current address
  5. It was a credit card I got in 2006 and it had a £5000 limit on it, being young and foolish and also unemployed I never made any repayments and just ignored letters from then until now. They got a CCJ against me last year and now I have received this letter today. Should I fill this form in? I don't have much left out of my wages anyway. Thanks for a swift reply If I have never replied to them could I send a statute barred letter back to the courts or have I missed my opportunity
  6. Hi guys this is my first time posting so please bare with me. I have just received a letter from County Court Money Claims Centre titled, "Notice of application for attachment of earnings order" the creditor is Capquest and the sum is £9398 this is for a credit card I had 10 years ago, I have never corresponded with Capquest they got a CCJ against me at Northampton court last year. My question is, will they succeed in getting money back through my employers? Should I fill in this means form and return it? Thank you very much for any help.
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