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  1. yes the staff are nice when you take out the loan promise you the world paul is nice at 1st then as soon as you want anything its a no or unlawful charges avoid at all cost if you can took a 6000 loan after paying 10 months i decided to pay the loan off managed to get another loan to pay them i got a loan with 1500 intrest ontop yes high but mutch better off paying 7158.46 and get rid off them I paid 480 a month for a 6000 loan i paid this for 10 months i asked for settlement figure and after paying them 5700 in total the loan only went down to £5,658.46 for loan of 6000 so thats 341.54 off the loan and 5659 to them in intrest avoid at all cost very easy to get loan THINK THINK THINK before taking it once you accept it unless you can pay it back very fast intrest is stupid no way out i would of paid back £28800.00 over the period of the loan also if you are in the position to settle and get these robbers off your back BEWARE BEWARE BEWRE early settlement charge in small print 480 if you decide to settle early and once you decide to settle and say good riddens they are not happy and VERY VERY RUDE total different from the start. my advise to anyone thinking of getting a loan before taking out this option shop around there are lots of other companies better than them also check the reviews on other site then you get to see the real carcashpoint reviews and they delete bad reviews p.s AVOID on all occasions!!!!!!!
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