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  1. Hello again, I send my letter 1st Class Signed for. I also decided to follow up on the phone call with M yesterday. This time it was J on the line. After asking my reference number and his identification questions, he asked me if I called them before, I told them yes I want to make sure that you cancelled my membership and he said yes we had and when I asked for e-mail confirmation they send me this: Sender: fit4less at hartlandsgroup Subject: Harlands Agreement: *******(and some numbers which I do not recognise) Dear Blah Blah Thank you for your call
  2. Thank you everyone. I will keep you updated.
  3. Hello Slick, Thank you for the advice. My only concern is if I visit the premises they will say that my right to cancel has ceased because I visit the club (as stated above). I will keep you updated in regards any outcome.
  4. Hello Andy, And thank you for your promt reply. After having read the above article, I have 2 questions: 1. Should I send a letter cancelling my membership to Harlands (the address they have in the e-mail) or to Fit4less in Brentford? or both? 2. Since I am in my cooling off period should I wait for them to take the 1st payment or cancel my direct debit once it appears on my account. Thank you very much in advance for your help.
  5. Hello everyone, I signed up today the 13th of February with a gym membership with Fit4less in Brentford. I decided to do that online so I selected £24,99 per month no contract. I received 2 e-mails after subsrcibing, one welcome e-mail from the club and one with my DD information, the terms and conditions and other relevant information. After reading the e-mail and reading also a lot of reviews for this type of gyms I decided to cancel my membership the same day. On the e-mail they state 'Please note that if you completed this membership agreement whilst not in the
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