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  1. Cheers Andy, The default date was the start of the IVA (over 6 years ago). My query is really about the lack of a default date on this entry. If the default date is recorded will this one drop off the record (i.e. defaulted over 6 years ago). At present i believe it is showing because there is no default date
  2. Good afternoon folks, I have been looking around for advice on the following as i am trying to clean up my credit files folowing completion of an IVA in August 2016. In summary, IVA started in June 2010, settled in August 2016. One of the creditors has finally updated the credit file at Equifax as below :- You can see that there is no default date on this entry, which should be the start date for the IVA. Is this entry going to stay on there for another 6 years from the settlement date, which should also be the date for te end of the IVA? If i have the default date corrected will the entry then disappear ? This creditor, Nationwide, seems to be reluctant to assist. Urkood.
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