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  1. Yes sorry defence filed and received 10th March. Received a letter confirming defence had been received and then a letter from Mortimer approx 10 days ago saying one had been discontinued and the other they are awaiting instruction from cabot
  2. Just as an update.. I received a letter a week or so ago from Mortimer saying one claim had been discontinued (as duplicate) and the second claim is on hold whilst they await instructions from their client. Is there any deadline for this or is it just a matter of waiting to see when I next hear? Thanks
  3. Great thank you I will work on this this afternoon. As always your help is much appreciated.
  4. Could you suggest a good place to start with this please? I've had a look in the library but not really sure where to begin. I'd guess the letter they have sent me will be part of the defence, but I don't have any other documents to submit
  5. Hi, So to update I sent off the CPR request a few weeks back, along with another letter enclosed advising they had made a duplicate claim and asking them to confirm they would cancel one and which claim this would be. The CPR request I sent specifically referred to both claim forms just to cover myself. I finally received a reply yesterday (2 days before defence due). The reply said that they do not hold original documents and will try and locate these, no further action will be taken at the moment. The bit I'm concerned about though is that this only referenced
  6. There is no account number mentioned - it is just the text 1.THe claimant's claim is for the balance outstanding under a Bank account facility Yorkshire Bankicon agreed to maintain for the defendant. It was a term of the Bank account that any debit balance would be repayable by the Defendant in full on demand. The defendant has failed to repay the amount due. The debt was assigned to the Claimant."
  7. If they don't send anything to prove which type of account I had I might struggle with the above - should I consider contacting Yorkshire Bank to try and obtain this? Yes there is a different claim number.
  8. Sounds good to me, thanks. The only thing is I assume I will need some evidence to prove it was a Readycash account - the Yorkshire Bank statement I have just says "current account" as does the claim form. I guess the account type will be shown in an agreement document they return to me after the CPR31.14? On a more confusing issue, I've just got home from work and there is another claim form here. This is for the same debt, the figures are exactly the same as are the particulars. The only things different are the issue date (9th Feb) and the reference number.
  9. I wasn't sure if that would be a valid defence or not. I don't have access to the Ts & Cs of the account from when I set it up, however these are part of what is currently listed: (b) you cannot use the Readycash Account to have an overdraft. This means that we will not agree to provide you with Planned Borrowing and we will only allow Unplanned Borrowing in the following exceptional circumstances: (i) your card is used at a retailer where that retailer is not required to check, or does not check, whether you have enough money in your account before accepting payment or i
  10. I believe I was sent letters advising I was in unauthorised overdraft etc so was probably sent a few warnings - I ignored these as was in a pretty bad way addiction wise at the time (now much better thankfully). There were no charges for being overdrawn - I've just been on the Yorkshire Bank website and for this basic account it states "There is no overdraft facility available on this account." under overdraft charges. The glitch was used on more than one occasion, every night at 11pm the same thing would happen as their systems updated. This isn't to say I used the glitch every
  11. Due to their banking systems/possibly a glitch. At approx. 11pm at night it seemed the system updated for a while and any transactions I had made that day would disappear, allowing me to spend that money again. Eg I have a balance of 100, spend 50 a day my available balance would show as 50. Around 11pm it would show as 100 again before updating correctly the next day.
  12. Thanks guys. I can't login to the account online anymore however the £900 overdraft balance does not consist of any fees/penalty charges for being overdrawn so I don't believe this is an option. The account was the one they now call ReadyCash which is the most basic of accounts which has no fees (and supposedly no overdrafts). I'll get the CPR31.14 sent out ASAP today, thanks.
  13. Thank you, I didn't realise a consent order was possible at this point and thought it must reach judgement stage. I agree it is best to check if I have a valid defence first as that would naturally be preferable. Should my next step from here then be to send the CPR31.14 to Mortimer Clark Solicitors? Should I also send the DSAR as mentioned above and would this go to Mortimer or Yorkshire Bank? Thanks. I believe I have until the 26th Feb (19 days from issue date) to respond - if I responded now stating that I wished to defend it would I then still be able to offer a c
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