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  1. ,could you show me that letter again please sorry dx my head is muddled with this and i am worried, yes all credit took out after 2007
  2. MAYBE SOME the credit cards but not sure about jacamo jd williams premierman
  3. whats me duck ? and how do i manage my debts wothout a debt plan ? dx your a saint ta for your ongoing help
  4. oh i think i like help from stepchange etc so it cuts some of the hassle out thamkyou all for your advice etc just scared by it all
  5. thanks oldgirl what information do you need to send to stepchange all bank statements proof of income copies of bills i assume
  6. hi dx my credit score is 307 8 positives 3 negatives, but im sure that will change once i let jacamo jd williams premier man our situation i think i send them a token payment once they contact me as it costs 13p a minute or something daft to ring them and i am sure they just get very nasty. dreading talking to them all feeling very sad and worried about this whole thing wonder if i should carry on as i am till me overdraft goes bang or i do i have a heart condition not a happy bunny today scared vanquis will contact wife at work all the
  7. thankyou oldgirl did santander give you much hassle i assume they will add on charges all over the place
  8. not checked credit files yet looked at coop bank but i dont think we be able to do it as i think as there is a credit check and we have limited id im looking for a simple account at coop but cant see it
  9. its just i am surprised as its only in my name and she can have her wages paid into it thought we be in trouble with money laundering rules i nearly died last year so i worry and brain freezes so thats why i have bad grammar moments
  10. it has a preloaded card but you can do bank transfermdirect debits standing orders pay your wages into it etc its banking is done by natwest or is that processing so its not illegal for me to have my wifes wages paid into my account then
  11. you say your not happy with what i have i looked at link but dont really understand whats wrong with cahplus account so i know
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