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  1. I paid 9.99 a month, and my last DD was paid out on the 29/10/16. as I said, I am happy to pay the 64 if it ends the situation - I'm just very wary of the possibility of CRS continuing to contact me!
  2. Hi Slick - thank you! I haven't paid the £64 yet - and to be honest if it ends the situation, I don't begrudge paying it. 1. Have you paid the £64 yet. - No. 2. How exactly is this £64 made up. - That, I can't quite remember. 3. When did you join the gym. - 29th Dec 2015. 4. Was it a 12 month minimum m/ship agreement. - Yes. 5. what date did you cancel the DDicon mandate. - 31st Oct 2016. 6. On what day each month was the DD normally paid by your bank. - 29th of the month. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, Following my recent situation, I've been reading your very informative forum, and thought I would ask for your help. In November 2016, I attempted to cancel my membership at Xercise4Less Glasgow online . Having worked in a bank, the first thing I did was cancel my direct debit to stop any further funds coming out. Although I'd completed the form, I now, in hindsight, realise my system must have crashed before it went through completely - and I take full responsibilty for this! I had also moved address, so did not recieve any correspondence from either the gym or Harlands.
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