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  1. Hello Early this year I decided to take some advice and try to discover if any of my three previous Credit Cards had PPI. I've used this site a little but more so when the Bank Charges was first being publicised. It seems such a long time ago now! However, whilst collecting my data from the three Credit Cards I probably now realise I may have been the only person who wasnt sold PPI unless Eggs is hidden within its Reward scheme that came with the Credit Card. i.e 10% off Insurance plus other things... I've made an enquiry to Citibank but unsure whether I should trust their deci
  2. Hello dx100uk I only paid interest on my authorised overdraft on my free account when my account went overdrawn. It wasn't very much. However, when my account was switched to a package account the charge for the Additions account was considerably higher. It was only a secondary account and had it of been my main account I would have probably realised much earlier about the "Fee" levied against the account instead of the interest. Of course these fees increased on what seems a yearly basis
  3. I have an update to my claim with my Packaged Fee account and would really appretiate some help and advice regarding my claim. Looking through previous statements I now realise the cost of an overdraft I originally had on my free account increased to almost 400% when I was switched to the Package Account. I originally sent a letter to Barclays outlining my fee charges plus interest. I now believe these increased fees helped my account become unmanageable when I became temporarily unemployed. Needless say I received a CCJ with costs. I am happy to say that all t
  4. Many thanks for the link dx.
  5. Ok, thank you renegadeimp. I will do that but didn't realise you could on closed accounts. Would i still be able to claim back the charges even though they're small?
  6. Thank you for your reply. Does this mean I was most likely not paying PPI? There was no CCA within all the paraphernalia I received back from Barclay. I don't even recall whether I applied for the card online or by post
  7. Dagenham Dave

    Egg Rewards

    Hello I recently sent a SAR to Barclay for an Egg Credit Card I held from 2001. The account is no longer open but I am currently paying off the balance. I have been searching through the information that was sent to me but all I have received are microfische versions of the statements. I have all the balances from month to month but unable to ascertain whether I was paying PPI on this account. I do know that I applied for this account online and I had transferred the balance over from another card when I first opened it. I have noticed the card had something
  8. Hello I have been searching through other threads to try and establish whether or not I had PPI with a Tesco Credit Card. I sent them a SAR earlier this year and I received statements from 2003 through to July 2006 in return. I wrote to them again and I have since received a further batch of statements covering 2001 and 2002. However they do not cover from when I first opened the account. From July 2005 the account held a zero balance. There is nothing contained within the statements to suggest I was paying PPI although am I correct in thinking if I were it probably was hidden
  9. Thank you dx, is there a template for the letter? All the copies of my statements they sent me in return of my SAR cover the years I had an Additions account. In what form of evidence do I need dx? Can you advise of which Spredsheet I need and includes the 8% interest? Many thanks again.......
  10. Hi Slick Yes I've now re read Alices thread. I already have my statements which confirm about me holding an Additions account from 2001-2006. There was no evidence that came with the SAR to confirm I actually requested this type of account. I believe it was switched from my ordinary basic account which I opened in 1994. Am I correct in thinking that any CCA would have been sent to me with my SAR, if that is the case then do I now send a letter of complaint? Thank you for any advice you can give ☺ DD
  11. Hello slick132 and maroondevo52 I will read all the thread again and see what I can pick up. I have been lucky in obtaining all the statements from the period I was put on an Additions account. I had little problem getting my SAR unlike Alice but my partner is having a problem with Barclaycard Regards DD
  12. Hello This is a new post by myself and I'm quite new to this. I sent a SAR to Barclays for an account I no longer have. I'd like to know if people have had any success in claiming back the fees on theses type of accounts..... I opened a Barclays Bank Account in July 1994. It was just a normal bank account with an overdraft facility should I require it. This was only intended to be a secondry account as my main account was held elsewhere. I recently received my statements and some other information that the bank held about me. I remember whilst I had the account that at some sta
  13. Hello all I have been reading this with a lot of interest as I have received my statements from Barclays. However, they do have a specific address in Leicester for SARs. They have also sent me my Egg Card statements. I do not wish to hijack Alices thread but this my first post on CAG and was wondering if anybody had been successful in claiming back fees from Barclays Additions accounts? Many thanks in advace DD
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