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  1. Yes you can claim back 20 years if company still trading, FSCS would have got involved if it had been after Jan 2005. I will phone and ask them but every avenue I have tried revert back to Portfield. Swift probably paid Portfield a commission but it all reverts back to it being unregulated and prior to Jan 2005.
  2. Yes it was Portfield Loans but they no longer trading. The Director went from there to norton finance which are trading. But because it was 2004 before new regulation came into force Jan 2005.
  3. Hi yes I have tried the insurance company too, I had a lengthy talk with FSCS today told me that there was no where to go as the loan was taken out in 2004 July which was not regulated. In Jan 2005 new laws were enforced re loans and insurance, but I am not covered. Tracked down Director Mark Stringer who worked for Portfield Loans, when shares a building with Norton Finance which he is a Director, but there seems no where else to go. I think I will just have to give up on PPI. As for the loan with Swift - they don't care. My husband is very ill with the behaviour from Swift, he has mental health issues, PTSD caused by Swifts behaviour. Nothing I can do just hope we both live to see this loan repaid. Biggest mistake I have ever made.
  4. I have been in contact with legal dept at Swift, had a lawyer looking at their dealing, been to my local MSP to bring this up in Parliament, written to Martin Lewis all to no avail or help, as this was unregulated - sold to me through Broker who is no longer trading. FSCS won't repay PPI charges as loan unregulated and taken out in 2004. Swift eventually came up with no more interest or fees to be added to account but still owe them 10,000, each I am paying off every month. If I got PPI back with interest this would clear The balance. I did not think I have anywhere else to go who can help. Any suggestions much appreciated. I have all my paperwork back to 2004.
  5. No I have not made it clear loan was for 45,000 in 2004 plus 6100ppii, my husband took not well fell into arrears, when interest rate fell they increased my payments. My husband still not well to,work Wrote to Swift explaining I had paid in excess of 99,000 not interested - said they could reduce payments but this was not touching the balance outstandingly. Sought legal advice, Martin Lewis etc to no avail. PPI plus interest charged on 6100 would clear balance. I tried that - they rejected the claim. Saying that it was about 2 years ago and things have changed since then. Do you think I should try again? The FSCS said they couldn't help as the loan was unregulated at that time. I have all paperwork, it's like banging your head against a brick wall. How do they get away with this? Why isn't the Gov doing something about Swift and their practice?
  6. I took out a loan for £45,000 with Swift in 2004 paid PPI 6,100. Loan was done through portfield loan, Rotherham. The loan and PPI amounted to 51,000. I am still trying to pay this loan off, i have paid over 100,000 been to FCA, FCSC, had lawyers trying to get Swift to write off any better f the debt to no avail. Swift come back and say loan was unregulated. PPI wasn't don't through them but a broker but I was mis sold that 6100 plus all the interest. Does anyone have any idea how I can recoup this money - Swift not interested and neither is anyone else. Any advice? Thanks
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