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  1. thank you for the reply yes I had a look on here and on google, and everyone echoed the sentiments DRP are just scaremongering, just nice to have it reaffirmed by yourself I will do the redirect this afternoon - just one question on your advice - I should write to the parking company about address change ie Gemini and not the debt collector ? Only reason I ask this is currently I haven't acknowledged either thanks
  2. had two letters come through yesterday from DCA called " Debt Recovery Plus" quick google of them seems to suggest everything already previously mentioned on here I assume the fact I received two on same day with slightly different dates is a scare tactic My only slight concern now ( and this might be last of my worries), is that I move in next month or so, so were any court papers to be issued don't want to miss them. Will look at doing a Royal Mail re direct cheers
  3. OK Thanks I imagine next step is another letter in April saying they want £150 after that I assume we will see letters threatening bailiffs etc? thanks
  4. Thanks for all the responses guys is the best course of action now to appeal and to detail all the wrong doings mentioned on this thread or shall I continue to ignore thanks
  5. Hi guys this is the latest letter received this weekend thanks Doc1.pdf
  6. Thanks all will sit tight and let you know when another letter is received thanks
  7. Thanks v much for the help , I take it from the above I am to do absolutely nothing then. I assume the attachment I added last week is different to the NTK I will soon receive? I also assume this doesn't impact the £100 - I saw some posts how they try to put the price up , but I assume this another scare tactic . As of right now I will hold tight unless you advise otherwise thanks again
  8. Thanks Guys confirmed it is a private car park managed by Gemini, not owned by Here is pic of the sign
  9. Thanks for all the help guys - much appreciated I can get pictures of the sign over the weekend and post up. I take it, even though the £60 14 day period would technically be over Monday (issued 31st and Monday is 13th) I don't need to rush to send off the appeal this weekend? thanks again
  10. thanks for this - no ticket slapped on the ca - just a "parking charge notice to keeper" - yes photo graphic evidence - i will post in a second - site is owned by leisure centre, in turn owned by council - i cant see a change user name in edit profile? appriciate what you are saying though so if you can advise how to do this will edit
  11. info as follows if i have missed anything let me know For tickets received through the post [ANPR camera capture] (Notice to Keeper) please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement
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