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  1. @Daz1979 - yes I had originally contacted my bank- they gave me an authorization code to give to 247MoneyBox, and a fax number for them to issue to their bank to allow the (at the time) "held" funds to be returned. 247MB ignored this and did not send the fax at all OP
  2. Hi Guy(s) I had tried for eleven days to get the 247MoneyBox team to confirm a refund, they managed to do so just yesterday; however it took alot of complaining and threats of local radio, forum post et al. I explained to them many times that this is fraudulent and that they are clearly making money off of my money by lending it to new clients. I explained many times that my bank were gobsmacked that it had taken such length to get any clarity. I then proposed to them that if they do not process the refund (yesterday) that I will ask my bank to make a submission to the disctrict management team for recollections etc to force an effort for the refund to take place. ......after all this I was told that the funds would be processed at 1PM (yesterday) and in my account within a few hours. The hilarious ,sad and most foolish thing is, I had taken out a loan from them to cover the refund (about 8 days ago) I will dispute with them that I should not be charged full interest as this was a loan to cover their "stealing" This case is now closed All the best guys.
  3. 247Moneybox took £558 out of my account to cover my repayment of a £500.00 payday loan........... TWICE 6 days later (7th Feb 2017) and i HAVE STILL TO RECEIVE MY REFUND!!!! I have asked them for a line manager or supervisor to contact me, they always say they will request that, but i never get a telephone call Terrible customer service, almost verging on [problem]. I would avoid this company as they do not value their customers' loyalty and are in no rush to mend any issues they have caused
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