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  1. Hi Carly I am now finding myself going through the same thing about living with my children’s father and claiming tax credits do you have any advice before I call? My tax credits they are looking into are from apr 18-apr 19 - I’m worried sick! I just have a newborn and don’t want the hard consequences 

  2. Sorry Andy.....they have called. I told them and the woman I spoke to was amazing! She completely understood, stated to me that time slips by without us realising, with Christmas and all, she was so so nice. So they have stopped my single claim from today, they are sending me out a joint renewal pack, Iv to fill in and send back, she said there will be an overpayment but advised Iv not to worry about this they can come to a arrangement. I have just to await word from them after I have sent pack back. Thankyou so much for the time you took to respond, I really appreciate it, you cal
  3. Hi Andy....I have been trying the number again with no joy so I called the normal tax credits number who I eventually got through to. They tried that number and it was engaged so she took my details and emailed the name on the letter I received. She asked why I didn't make them aware beforehand, I stated I had been trying to get through but was constantly engaged, I am now at a point where I have received this letter so I had no choice but to try the normal number, I now realise I should have done this from the start, stupidly I didn't, I also had full intentions on updating upon my renewal.
  4. They said on the letter they are looking from October 2016 , well he moved in on my daughters birthday on the 20/09 2016......you think that would be adaquate saying that? I'm honestly a complete mess with worry. I understand there is not much else I can say as that is the truth but I don't know if they will look kindly on that response? Thanku so much for your response.
  5. Please does anyone have any advice? I need to phone them today and I'm a total wreak! I have been so stupid and naive I honestly did not think the consequences of not making them aware asap were so huge, I realise I was wrong after reading some story's. I'm trying to be prepared and get myself together for when I call them. It's going to come down to why didn't I tell them, I can't really tell them because I'm absolutly stupid.
  6. Please can someone give me some advice. The father to my youngest moved in around her 2nd birthday in September, I did not know if it would work out at first so gave it time, I then phoned tax credits numerous times but was unable to get through. I have been totally naive and I'm now in such a state as I have received a letter today from Tax credits stating they need to make sure my single claim is correct as a XXXX is linked to your address (my partner) Of course I would of changed to joint when it was time to renew but I have had him stay a number of months now without them knowing.
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